Monday, April 28, 2014


Well for me! First I am like in shock, I looked at the calendar and realized that Abby is almost done! Tapos na sia! I cant believe it! So weird! And about Mothers day! Our internet connection here is not the greatest! So I will probably call you! It will be around this time or a little bit later! Just depends! Just be by the phone! I will probably call a cell phone! Also, send me other numbers like Jaron and Greg and Lindsey so i can chat with them for a little while! But that will be on May 12!! I wanted to wait for Abby but President was kind of stressing that it is "Mothers Day" that is our focus! So pasensya gid Abs, 6 weeks na lang haha!! 

All is well here! My patience and drive get tested a lot in this area! It drives me crazy that people have no faith!Heavenly Father promises us so much and is it that hard to just show our faith and let the miracles happen? HAHA we had some investigators at church this week...we had 5 so our baptisms will be getting started again! It was rough, I was in a little bit of a drought! 

So to follow up--------------I dont remember if I told you! Sister Lacno, she is the one who lives like way far away in the mountains, she had her baby! This tiny like 5lb little girl! So cute! She just had her at their house! She still hasnt picked a name yet, I am trying to convince her to name her "Sarah" haha they always just laugh! But we are going to their home on Wed to do a CSP! They dont have running water, or lights or really I told the RS president on sunday about it so we will all go and Haul water up and down the mountain, and wash clothes so that she can rest! Hopefully it will all work out! I am excited to go help her! It is weird, In america when women have babies, the RS like attacks, making sure they have food and what not and gifts, here it is like no big deal--you have a baby and go to work the next day haha but they need to help her!

Well we didnt have a baptism-----------but we will! May 10! So the little girl Mary Joy! She was so good and so brave this week, she talked to her mom everyday about being baptized. Her mom was the same----------stubborn and mad but she kept asking! So then, we went on splits I went to Isio, that is where her house is. But I just had this feeling to take a Baptism Record and consent form, but I wasnt sure why, we were going to wait but the feeling just kept coming to me! Well as we were walking her Mom comes up to me, all smiles ( for a second I thought she was going to yell) But she was happy and asking about me and what not, then I remembered we needed a signature! So while I had her at her best for a second I whipped it out, the second I had the paper her face changed haha she was ticked haha like blood boiling ticked! I was so nervous---I dont know why! I am not scared of anyone but this lady for some reason kind of gets me a little bit! Any ways she was mad but signed it anyways, saying she could be baptized. So I was so excited. She told me to keep being a good example to her girls and hopefully they will end up better than her. Anyways, I thought all was good. Then Sunday we are waiting for her to come to church------------waay sia nagabot!! She didnt come! My heart was crushed---but her mom took her money so she couldnt come! But-------------There is next week! The Church is still true! Everyone has to face some sort of trial before being able to be baptized. HAHA so I will keep trying, sooner or later this ladies heart will be softened! I have come to love a challenge, and this lady is definitely a challenge. 

We got invited to a Birthday party! Bebe (Crystal) she is the daughter of the Sister who works with us all the time, and they are so nice! I love those girls. She was turning 10. So Sister Montemayor and I went out and bought a small cake for her to take to the party, They were so excited. She was like "this is my first cake ever for my birthday" HAHA 

We have had a lot of our Less Actives come back to church! They are all missionary age boys!! They all are saying they want to go but not acting so we are going to help prepare one or two and hopefully the rest follow! There is about 15 here in this branch and some sisters wanting to go! It is what this branch needs, then when they come home they can get married and be leaders!! HAHA it all makes sense in my mind!:)

But things are good, Sister Montemayor is good! We still have our Language study in the day for Ilonggo and our English study at night! We are still trying harder to teach more unified, it is fine for her, she can speak Tagalog and they understand, but I understand it a little bit, like I get the concept of what is being said but I am trying to emphasize to her to speak more Hiligaynon! Apply what we learn in our language study! I know that it is hard but it will never come if she doesnt try! So that is our goal this week! 

But I know that the Church is true!! Even though in this area, so many persecutions! Not just to us but the members and investigators as well! But that is the beauty of our Agency! We have to keep picking to do what is right even if the world is against it! The choices we make bring us closer to our Heavenly Father and that is what is the most important! We just have to keep going and continuing on! Heavenly Father will bless and guide us for doing what is right and being a good example to those who give us grief!! But all is well here in Cauayan, not much happening!   Love you all! be good and be safe!!! Tell everyone HI!!! LOVE YOU!!

Love Sis Polatis
teaching Jenna--our new baptism

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