Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st P-DAY

November 29, 2012

o Familia meu!
I Love you guys so much! It is crazy they don't give us enough time to email so I am just going to put all my thoughts out there!
     Well today is my first p day and it is amazing! we wake up.. do laundry ... write letters and go to the temple! I am so excited to go back to the temple!!! I realized my purpose as a missionary! I am not here for me... I am here for the people in Romania and Moldova! I have found like 100 scriptures telling me to be PATIENT and HUMBLE then the Lord can mold me into the missionary that He wants me to be. I am going to send a letter home to Sarah about "How to survive your first 2 weeks at the MTC" I think that I might look into having it published! It has some really really good stuff! ha ha Don't be worried Sarah! I am actually loving the MTC! Everyone is speaking in different languages! when I say multsemec (thanks) they answer with there language! Its actually really funny because Sora Kelly and I love making friends so its like college all over again ... We just walk around saying "Buna" to everyone! We have made a lot of friends! some Elders even save us spots to eat with them for lunch! Everyone thinks that Sora Kelly and I our sisters! It makes me so excited to have Sarah here!@! ah i cant wait! 
So I met this kid on the first day and he was talking to me a lot and then I saw him everywhere! He name is Elder Ritter and he would always be waiting for me and one time I walked past him and he was like "Its the girl in the Blue" hahaha He then gave me a pass a long card with his address on it so that I would write him... so so funny! this little 19 year old boy going to Arizona! O ya and the other picture with my adoptive grandparents! they are from Oregon going to Ecuador Temple they asked me to take a picture for them one day and then after that they would always find me and talk to me... they were like "we want to set you up with our grandsons." and "We were so drawn to you.." "You are so loving" honestly they made my day! so they got my address and said that they would be at my wedding! ha They left on Monday! but they were so nice honestly the both gave me big hug goodbye and hermana Johnson gave me a kiss on the cheek! O ya and I forgot to tell you guys-- I am the music coordinator for my ward.. I know a prestigious calling! ha ha its pretty fun I just pick out all the songs! another thing-- this girl broke her thumb during gym-- It was way fun to be the nurse and give her all this advice because the people at the front desk did not have any idea what they are talking about! I felt important!  But ya sora Rivera leaves this Monday for Romania! Dad you will be pleased to know that I get my visa once I get to the country! so i am 100% guaranteed no delays on leaving here January 14th! can you believe I only have like 6 weeks left! Wow crazy! but ya i will get to call home that day during my layovers so keep that in mind! The dear letters are the best because they come everyday! 
Mom I loved the story about your Spanish class- I read it to all my companions and they were dying! But the language is pretty good! It's amazing how much I understand! we will now be teaching 2 investigators for the rest of our stay here... ends up being like 8 lessons a week in Romanian! So it will be a lot of fun! my teachers are cool and the elders in our district are super cool! I am really loving the MTC now! I still miss you guys but i know that Heavenly Father will take care of you guys while I am gone! He really is looking out for all of us! I know that he answers my prayers! I had to leave the MTC to go to the dentist with Sora Rivera and that was the weirdest thing Ever!!! WE had to get into the shuttle and leave campus... I felt so weird.. "awkward sister missionary" already!!! ha but I felt better once they got me back to our spiritual "safety bubble" ha but it funny so you know how I said we cant have any music well you would laugh in the showers people start singing like Disney songs and then everyone starts singing along ha I am sorry that my time is so short I wish I could keep going on and thanking you guys for everything! Dad and Mom getting dear elders from you with advice on them is the best! I love you guys so much! I am so so so lucky to have you guys! the more I talk to other girls about there lives i realized i am so lucky! I am going to work super hard and make you guys proud! I know that this gospel is true! Mi-e dorde tine! ( I miss you guys!) But this is where I am supposed to be! hurrah for Israel! I will never give up with the language or this mission because I know that you guys and the Lord are with me always!!! Thank you Thank you for everything!!!
te iubesc!!! (love you)
Love Sora Polatis
Sora Kelly, Romanian Teacher, Abby

Abby with her "Healthy Snacks" Package

"Future Grandparent In laws" They loved Abby, they said she was very cute and had a wonderful spirit about her and they want her to marry one of their grandsons


Venturing into the "Real World" Sora Rivera needed to go to the  dentist

The lights at the MTC with her District

Saturday, November 24, 2012

1st Week in the MTC

Well she made it! She finally wrote us a letter, and she is doing fabulous! She has already taught 2 lessons in Romanian. She says that she loves this gospel and the spirit at the MTC is so strong and there isn't a better feeling in the whole entire world. She also said she loves you all and is glad she has a strong support system.

Roommates!-Sister Gerhartz, Sister Rivera and Sister Kelly

The whole District, there are only 8 people Learning Romanian

COUSINS-Saw Elder Colin Rounds 

Headed To the Temple

All the Group at the Temple

Sister Kelly-They have a lot in common and even dress alike

Saturday, November 17, 2012

Abby went into the MTC on Wednesday, Nov 14.  4 days down!  Haven't heard from her-must be working too hard to write.

Monday, November 12, 2012

Thank you so much for all those who attended our farewell yesterday! It means a lot to us! 
Abby's MTC address
Sister Abby Leah Polatis
MTC Mailbox #333
ROM- MLD 0117
2005 N. 900 E.
Provo, UT 84604-1793