Thursday, December 27, 2012

HEY HEY!  MERRY CHRISTMAS EVERYONE!!!! Gosh its weird being here without you all!! So i have more time today to write because i am doing my laundry. But how fun to have a Christmas party!! Well sundays around here are ok, You do sacrament then RS then sunday school is like study time. Then there is a devotional at night. Well Abby was having kind of a hard time so her branch president authorized us to do a split together tomorrow...YAY!! That makes me excited. Well we think someone super special is coming because the Mission President, Pres brown and his counselors are getting released.....So perhaps the prophet will come:) ;) Thats the rumor anyways!  So nice and his type!! I had to do new missionary orientation on Wed and Thurs and it made me really excited! I am the only sister going to Bacolod, I dont know if i told you that or not! The language got harder on thurs and fri:( I pray all the time and all the elders all the time are wanting to help me speak it, the branch president says they all think i am like 19! My teacher the hottie is good haha but we got a new one as well, Sister Weight! She served in Iloilo, she says when she got back her hair was horrible, she lost alot of it and discouraged me saying she GAINED 30lbs!!! That is not happening! NO rice for me! We had a leadership training and the counselor had me summarize the last 24 hours of the saviors life, SCARY! HAHA i was a little bit nervous but he said i did alright! I also never realized that Jesus was completely alone in the Garden while taking on our sins, Because sin is what seperates us from our heavenly father and he had them all! Interesting! Keep praying for me and Abby, her perfectionist attitude kind of gets her, her branch president told her to be like me hahaha which is funny because i need to be like her! Still every time people see us they are like in shock that we came together! The elders in my zone are awesome, we all get along really well, i have to figure out how to send pictures to you all! But tomorrow is a chill day, we wake up eat, go to fireside with the GA then we have some study/free time the we are watching "its a wonderful life" tonight we get to watch a christmas carol! So easy days! Someone dear elderd me but did it wrong and i couldnt see or respond so post to FB my address and stuff! Tell everyone that we love them and Merry Christmas! Me and abbs will celebrate and open our packages! Have a wonderful day! I will be thinking about you all! It snowed and people act like they have never seen the snow before! I miss all of you! Please stay safe!!!
 Tell tate to seriously study as much as he can! Language and PMG!! He will need it! I see Tanner all the time, we took a picture together and we met up again to do our laundry! Yes, i wanna go to BYU-I and marry someone close, i am tired of being away!! I sent home a check that g&G p sent me! Tell everyone i love them! Getting teary so i better go!

Love you!!

Christmas Letter from SARAH !!

So I know I just emailed you yesterday, but as part of our Christmas we got to email today! Well i met up with Abby after breakfast, we opened all our gifts and WE LOVED THEM!! Lindsey, thanks for the necklace at the book, it will definitely come in handy and we already promised each other that we had to leave our necklaces on always! Mom the earrings were so pretty! And definitely needed, never can have enough jewelry  Delsey P sent us both stockings filled with things, like gum and bobby pins, nail file tell her thanks! Um tell hillerie thanks as well! We keeping getting complimented on our necklaces and the elders were in the room when we opened our hunger games shirts they just shook their heads but we loved them! We took alot of pictures so next monday i will send some more! Russel M Nelson came and spoke to us today! He just told us different ways of missionary work and to be careful out there to open our mouths but also our eyes and keep the Holy Ghost with us to keep us out of danger! Um, it was a little bit rough but we just have to keep a smile on our face! We ran into Sister Clements, apparently all of us are sick of our compaions hahaha so we all just hung out for a while on the temple walk! POSITIVE...that's what we have to stay! How were the festivities?? I hope you all remember the real reason for Christmas and keep us in mind! I feel a little bit dumb in my language but maybe that is normal??? Love you all! Let me know next week if you got my letters and that check to give me piece of mind that they are getting there! Thanks! But Merry Christmas!! I have the greatest family in the world! I want to know if anything exciting happened?? Engagements, or baby announcements or something! Miss you all! Love you so much! 14 days still kinda feels like a long time! It has gone fast but slow at the same time! Hope you all have a wonderful day, stay safe in driving and whatnot! Tell everyone Hello!
Love you!

                                                           Christmas Letter from ABBY!!

Merry Christmas!!! There are giving us 20 minutes to write your guys today! So I hope that you guys are having a great Christmas! Sarah and I opened our presents together today! WE LOVED THEM!! so so Cute! This Christmas is different but it is really good! I honestly woke up the other day and I thought, "Why am I just trying to get through the MTC? Why dont I just enjoy this experience... So that is what I am doing now! I am finding happiness in every day because it is really a choice. :) I choose to be happy! and for every one that reads this blog... Missionary work is truely amazing! I have been reading my scriptures and all they talk about is missionary work so I know that I am where I am supposed to be... Which is right here in the good old MTC! Christmas eve afternoon class was a big turning point to for me.. We had been struggling with our "investigators" because we would all three of us prepare different portions of the lesson-- our teachers helped us and we went into our lesson with NO notes... and we all studied the same topics... we really needed Stella to understand Faith and the importance of church attendance... well I went in there and I really prayed.. I mean really prayed that I would know what to say because we didnt have notes... I felt the spirit so strongly!!! Sora Kelly was talking and I couldnt wait for her to finish her sentence so that I could say what the Holy Ghost wanted me to say! It was amazing.. I was on the edge of my seat bearing testimony!!! I have never felt so good in my life.. That is why missions are amazing because it is moments like that that make everything hard.. worth it!!!! I came out of the lesson and started crying because I was so overcome with how good I felt.. My teacher just hugged me and told me good job! I know that if I continue to work hard the spirit will be with me.. "i cant be afraid I can only believe" because with God all things are possible. I dont expect this mission to get easier but for myself to get stronger!! I know this mission is the best thing for me. Yes I started tearing up when Sarah and I were opening our gifts but I have really tried to enjoy this Christmas day! Last night we had a nativity scene thing and then we watched the Christams Carol which I dont love that movie but they gave us some popcorn... ha so it was good... I sat by a kid who is from Italy.. and he was like "my family has adopted 3 kids from Moldova... you will get off of the plane and just start crying because of how poor the country is!" I was almost in tears.. he said I will never feel more charity then I will being in those countries. Elder Nelson came today which was super cool! he talked about how we are the links to peoples salvation!!! It was crazy though he really emphasized us being obedient so that we could be safe! The work is hastening but that must mean that Satan is also trying harder so he emphasized being really smart and getting out of scary situations but he promised if we are obedient we will be safer then our friends back at home! It was a really good talk!  So it was really good.. and we have more stuff for the rest of the night! So it will be fun... but yes i missed our christmas haha I decided today that I am making my husband go to our house every year for christmas! haha but seriously! I want to let you guys all know that this church is true! The atonement is the greatest gift of all! We are so so lucky to be part of this gospel! We need to always be missionaries and seek those who are looking for the truth! Heavenly Father does love us and will answer our prayers! Joseph Smith did see the God the Father and Jesus Christ! The Book of Mormon is true! and since I have been here I have really learned to love the Bible as well! This gospel really is amazing! God wants me here! He needs me in Romania! In three weeks I will be in Europe!! I cant believe it! Thank you so much for being the best family in the whole entire world!! I am so so so lucky! I cant thank you enough for all you have given me! Be safe in your travels!! Thanks again for all the gifts.. We loved the necklaces I will wear both of them probably everyday... ha But honestly I am so excited for this mission to shape me into the person that Heavenly Father wants me to be! If i continually keep an eternal perspective this mission is only a small moment in the grand scheme of things and I am going to give it my all!! Thank you for all your great example! Tell everyone hi for me and I will be writing again on P-day... which is Thursday! Enjoy your Christmas break!! I love you guys so much! Find people to serve!!! Heavenly Father needs us:) LOVE YOU ALL!!!!!!  I am so thankful for all my blessings and for Jesus Christ our Savior during this holiday season!


Hey everyone! How are you doing? Well first things first.. Sarah needs you to send her her retainers she said they were in one of the storage things she left on the click clack.. Her front teeth are kind of seperating??? So She needs those pretty soon... She needs to get that taken care of before she gets to the Philippines:) ha picture sarah coming home with a big gap in her front teeth... ha not really funny but kind of:) but everything is going good here! The experience that I told you on Christmas was one of the highlights that I had that week! but early that day I was challenging a random teacher playing an investigator.. I could feel Heavenly Fathers love for her as she played her fake investigator! It was so cool-- being a missionary is the best thing ever! Its like mind reading.. ha but k so they had us pair up with an Elder in our district and I was put with Elder Ormsby.. who I love in a missionary kind of way! but we had to think of a problem that we had in our lives and then we had to teach each other according to that need and by the Spirit. He went back to when he was ten years old. It was so crazy because he was talking about how sad he was and then all the sudden it hit me that when he was ten was when his little sister was born who has down syndrome. I started crying so hard. And so did he. The spirit was so strong- I reassured him that his little sister was a blessing to her family and that Heavenly Father loved her so much! It was so cool- The spirit was so strong! After words he just looked at me and said, "you did amazing... that is exactly what I learned after about a year my sister was born." His sister is so dear to him so it was pretty powerful! But o ya on Sunday... Sora Kelly and Sora Gerhartz and I sung Mary's lulluby for our ward. .... occapella? ha I know thats not how you spell it but mom you would be reallly proud I had my own part of everything! Our branch presidents wife started crying they said it was really beuftiful! So my singing career is taking off!!! :) yay... Dad you said I could be anything I want as long as I am a nurse right?? Welll Abby Swift here I come! ha just kidding- but it was pretty fun! It is also funny in here because mom you know how we have the familiar face? Well I get that all the time... people are like do I know you?? ha and I get that I look like the girl off of the Narnia and of Katniss Everdeen from the Hunger Games!! but thanks again so much for the packages! I loved the hunger games theme! Tell Hillerie thanks!! I love it! its funny because the quote that you put on my necklace was the first thing that Dad said to me when I got in here and I love that story so much! and Lou that book is full of great quotes and Sarah and I promised we are going to wear your necklace everyday! I love it that was so so thoughtful! I sent Delsy a thank you card today but be sure to thank her again that was nice of her! Dad thank you for the Christamas stories I love that one about that lady with her bag of cookies! Christmas really is what you make it! Christmas in here was good- I wish that it was a little more focused on Christ.. They were kind of trying to entertain us for the whole day but it was good!that he is home!  Mom you made me tear up a little bit when you said that it feels like I have already been gone for 18 months.. ha it should be going by fast for you guys! But I am glad that you are missing me and supporting me 100% it is so great to have a family that has my back.  ha our teacher was saying that when I get there I will be buying warmer close because the winds coming in from syberia are brutal... he said that your face freezes and to buy an electrical blanket so I can warm up my bones:) Sounds fun huh! well honestly it does sound fun to me! I cant wait to be in Romania! I am so so excited! Sora Rivera wrote us saying that she doesnt understand anything but Romania is great! So I am not going to stress and I am going to do the best I can and work really hard and fully rely on the Lord! It seems like my MTC experience hasnt been the best and I am sorry for that.. but at the same time I would not change it one bit! I have never studied or prayed this much in my life! I have come closer to my Heavenly Father. He truely loves me and wants me to suceed. The book of mormon and Bible are amazing! I love reading the Bible. I was reading the stories about Christ life and wow... wow is all I can say! The atonement is amazing! It is not just for sins it is for EVERYTHING! sorrows... unhappiness... everything! so amazing! I am so happy to be a missionary! It is what I am supposed to be doing! I mean now that I have studied the scriptures that is all it talks about! We all need to be missionaries. This mission is not about me.. Its about he Romanian people! I am here to help them! Faith is a really interesting thing that we were talking about his week. Its not like you have faith or you dont... Faith is a process! A process that I am so thankful for! I think because I was a little nervous and uneasy at the first I thought that I was lacking faith but I realized in alma 32 when it is talking about faith its not saying that you plant one big seed and then it grows into a BIG tree.. NO... we plant many seeds and grow our faith like a forest. We hope in one principle which leads us to action- we gets results and our faith increases then we continue on... how cool is that! I have really been striving to be the best missionary that I can be! I want you guys to be so proud I do want to set a good examples to all of you! Missionary work is amazing! I know it! Tate be really excited to get out here in the mission field. It will change your life! We need to always be striving to be our best selves.. the gospel is what this life is about! I know that this gospel is true! Heavenly Father is amazing... The plan of Happiness is so amazing! I am sure in Heaven we shouted for joy when this plan was presented! and now here we are in the middle of it! how great is that- We are getting trials so that we can become more like God! I am thankful for my trials! Also have you guys really read 1 nephi chapter one... I mean like really read it? my mind was blown in a workshop that we had... It is exactly like Joseph Smith story of the restoration of the gospel... Lehi sees a vision... he gets a book... people hate him! I mean how have I never understood that? But I love it! I love this gospel... Personal study is one of the best hours of my day! Well anyways I know that my emails never make sense but hopefully it kind of does today?? but We are going to go clean the temple.. it is closed so I guess we go clean for about 3 hours which should be good and then we teach our investigator tonight:) wish me luck! And yes dad.. I will become Romanian:) I love you all! Work hard! Enjoy life! I know that it makes you guys happy when I am happy out here! I CHOOSE to be happy! It really is a choice! I love guys! Dad tell the stake presidency thanks for sending me that Dear Elder! you guys are great!

Well have a great week family!!!! I hope that all is well! I pray for you always! Keep the dear elders coming! You will only be able to do that for like 2 more weeks! my travel plans come next friday so I will let you know when I am calling home! leave the 14th wide open!!! I love you guys!!!

But yes I have to go! I love you guys so much!!!!
Love Sora Abby Polatis
te iubesc!!!


Friday, December 21, 2012

Week- Dec 16! Good to Hear from BOTH Girls

Familia Mea!
You probably already know by now but I just need a copy of my nursing liscense. And also Lou... will you do some research on the generic meds and send me a list of when it is best to use what like... if someone has a head ache or sprains their foot.. that would be awesome! I am trying to be the best missionary that I can be! I know why everyone wants us to go on missions though because it honestly grows you up.. when I get home I will be able to do anything! I have never had to rely on God and prayer as much as I have in this place! But I am trying to smile as much as I can and learn as much as I can. Januray 14th is when I take off so just like 3.5 weeks! And that is when I will be able to call home so be prepared for that! I get my flight plans in like 12 days so I will let you know:) Some randoms stories for you.. we are teaching our romanian teaching about the word of wisdom and he keeps sayings "insteles bine?" which means like "am I understanding good?" well he talks super fast so it was slurred into one sentance so it sounded like he was saying "lesbina" which you guessed it means lesbian in Romanian... So he kept saying this and we were all so confused?? We thought he was asking if it was ok to be a lesbian in our church! ha we just didnt say anything and kind of moved passed the subject... when we got out Sora G was like "If he is lesbian than I quit!" we were laughing so hard!!! We asked him what he was saying after and he told us what we were saying and so then we all laughed! The Elders thought it was pretty funny also. But on monday Sora G was "sick" so we had to sit in the Residence all basically all day I was dying... I mean monday was a very very long day! ha but she is feeling better now after I prescribed her some laxatives... ha so we are back in business (the food does that to people in here) ha Yes i saw good old Kevin! Tell him he didnt make me sad! I have realized how much I can't control my emotions! Seriously happy- sad- stressed- feeling the spririt- impatience--- it all leads to me crying! Also thank you so much for the packages ah so so adorable I love the stocking! I am waiting to open my presents with sarah on Christmas day. Maddy good job on Drivers Ed and that is so cool that you are doing the vball thing in Phonenix! YOu are going to be so good when I get back I cant wait!!! But yes I see sarah everywhere.. I think that her companion doesnt like me because she wants sarah all to herself but she will just have to put up with me for a little bit ha we talk atleast twice a day:) K mom so this story is cool for you.. I was studying about hope and faith. I was reading about never doubting in yourself. Then I was thinking about he stripling warriors and how their mothers taught them to never doubt... I went looking in my scriptures for that story and above the scripture in your handwriting was "Dont doubt!" I just thought that that was really cool because I know that you guys are supporting me 100 percent and that means so so much to me! I want to make you guys proud! I am 100 % dedicated to this mission I kinow that this mission will be everything for me... who I marry.. how I raise my kids... my eternal life. I was studying about a mighty change of heart in Mosiah 5 and it talks about how Heavenly Father and Jesus won't know you unless you have served them! I just need to forget about my self and go to work. I think that that will be a little bit easier once I am talking to real people! But it was cool yesterday during class I was teaching my teacher about sacrament and when she said she was to busy to come to church I was about to say something and she was like "stop" pray about what you want to say to me.. so I sat there for a couple minutes and then in really broken Romanian I said "I promise that if you ask your boss to switch your schedule he will swtich and God will bless you when you come to church." She gave me a big hug after and said "You did it!" It was a really good feeling when then had a lesson with her and she said she would be baptized but because I am in a trio it is rare that all of us our on the same page so our lesson was kind of confusing so afterwords are teacher was like "The investigator is super confused..." So basically we have to work on that! ha So yes there are ups and downs in this place like crazy! I know I sometimes on mention the downs (sorry) but it is a good place and I am learning alot! Yesterday I was a "host" for all the new girls coming in and I had to sit there and say how great the MTC was and how they are going to love this place so much! It was pretty funny! I really dont hate this place but it is amazing how spoiled and selfish my generation is! I mean seriously I have a lot to work on. The Lord will really show us our weaknesses. I feel like the stuff that I am teaching my investigators is really for me! I teach them to use the atonement and cast all of their burdens and worries on the Lord.. at the same time that is what I am learning to do! I pray all day that I will be able to feel peace and comfort about this mission and that I will have confidence to know that I can do this! In Romans chapter 8 it talks about Gods love for us "If God is for us than who can be against us?" He has given us the best gift - His son! Why would He not be willing to give us all that we ask for?? I just need to be patient... Hope is defined as confidence optimism, enthusiams and patient perseverance- believing and expecting that soemthing will occur!! I am trying to work on that everyday! Send me any advice if you guys have any! I really do love missionary work! I know that this gospel is true! This Christmas season is really when we should be focused on Christ! I am sad that I wont be with you guys for Christmas but I know I am where I am supposed to  be! I think that they will make is pretty special for us and I will find Sarah! ha but enjoy the holidays! Be happy and healthly and safe! Thanks for all the prayers and dear elders and packages they mean the world to me! I will make you guys proud!! I love you guys so much!!!!!
But I love you guys so much! Dont have to much fun without me! Tell all the family thanks for their support and love! That story was cute about maddy being sarah companion! I love it! Feel free to write me anytime! I love you guys!!!!

Love Sora Polatis

Temple Day

Sisters or Soars of Zion! 



Sarah and her Companion 


Well how is everyone? You dont need to post this letter to the blog, it probably isnt saying much. Well like you probably heard from Abby we ate dinner and as we were walking out we basically bumped into eachother, it was like heaven haha We both burst into tears and just cried and both our companions just stared at us, probably like we were psychos but I didnt care. We now find eachother during lunch and dinner because that it the only time we can really meet up. The first little while was rough and we never could stop crying, but we told eachother that it needed to stop and that we could do this. I am doing ok as far as learning i think, it was pretty frustrating because in language my teacher would only speak illongo and I still cant really understand him so it is like sharades whenever I ask him a question. The Elders in my District/Zone are pretty cool they all love me of course:) HA jk but probably. MY companion is Sis. Ili, she is from Samoa and she is super demanding but thats what i need....maybe. She is serving in Iloilo and I am the only new sister serving in Bacolod. I was called as the coordinating sister for my zone, when President Whetton called me in i was so shocked, I blurted out, You realize I havent even been here 10 hours right? He just laughed and said i would be fine so Sunday was a long-ish day of meetings and trainings.  Relief Society was pretty amazing, Elaine S Dalton came and spoke to us. She said that a virtous woman who has the constant companionship of the holy ghost can make miracles happen, it was better than that but i didnt bring my notes:) So far I can say a basic prayer and a basic testimony in Hiligaynon. Everyone all laughs because i have the Idaho accent to my words but I cant help it. Oh and before I forget, Abby needs a copy of her nursing license sent to her!! She has reminded me like 4 times already, We went on our temple walk on Sunday and me and abbs got some pictures together they look cute but I will send some later, i didnt realize that I couldnt send pictures from the computer that i was using. Um, ya as far as being brave goes, NO MAAYO! (no good) I cry alot, mostly at night! I was spoiled to be home for a month and this lifestyle is SUPER WEIRD!! Holy cow but I can do this, that is what i tell myself all the time! Everyone always asks now if me and abby are twins and i just started saying yes, or they will say "I saw someone who looks just like you and has the same name as you!" That one was my favorite. But so far its alright, I am sure things will get better, i teach my 3rd lesson tonight. My investigator only speaks illongo and she is dang fast, i always have to say "again please or slow down" and since I cant pronounce the words very well she sometimes gets a aconfused look on her face haha its kinda funny actually! makes it hard because i dont know what she wants to know so we try to cover the basics and hope that she doesnt ask any questions that we cant say the words for. Today we are teaching her about Joseph Smith and the book or mormon! But i love you guys. Kabalo Ako nga matoud si Simbahan ni Jesucristo. Kabalo ako ng propeta Thomas S Monson. Kabalo Ako nga buhi sang Jesu Cristo. Miss you guys. I have loved all the letters and everything it makes me feel so good, even tho alot of people in my district arent getting mail:) But you guys be safe. Pray for me and Abby for strength. We like being together but would prefer that we be home and able to communicate without have to search high and low for eachother. Tell everyone hi, pray that i can understand and speak the language! send this to whoever wants it. Tell greg and kristin i loved their card. Thanks again everyone for the letters, i will be strong one day I hope. I have some letters coming, i wrote them the other day so they might be kind of depressing (I dont really remember:() But Cant wait to hear from you all! I will keep my head up!! I got this, me and abby pass notes and scriptures that help us so it is good! MUUAAH i am running out of time!!
LOVE LOVE LOVE YOU ALL!!! Stay safe!!!
Love Sarah

Friday, December 14, 2012

Together again the Sister Polatis'

Ok so this week has been pretty crazy! first story you need to call and tell Angie Robision about it. So i was running on the track and I had this feeling to go talk to this girl on the eliptical... it was wierd.. so I did it and found out she was from georgia. I told her I was from Idaho and she was like "That sweet the missionary that converted me was from Roberts Idaho!" I was freaking out... I was like who... She said.. "Elder Robison... Brenan Robison.. He is my Elder! I love the Robison Family" I started crying as I was on the eliptical next to her! Missionary work is real. She said "Brennan never gave up on me!" It hit me so hard! She is 29 and her name is kiandra Broome now going to serve a mission in the Iowa mission. Amazing . O ya and I gave the prayer in our big relief society meeting for the whole MTC and I was nervous because Linda Reeves from the Gneeral relief society presidency was there! But it went good and then I had to play the piano in sacrament so sunday was a busy day! I also met sarah's zone that night and I told them to make her fell really welcomed! . It was cool on sunday night also because the BYU Mens chior came and sang so it was really good!Tate will think this next thing is funny! I have had like 5 boys come up to me and ask "are you tate polatis older sister" ha Britin Youngstrom? Kit Hill? ha anyways its pretty funny! I know that that will make Tate feel good! I am sorry that you arent leaving until March 12? Is that a for sure thing?? I hope that you have your visa... people get stuck in the MTC for a while waiting on those dumb things I am super glad that I get mine when I get there! We have some fun people in our branch they are all rednecks from floria and oklahomo so we have a good time together! ha Ok so I went to my nursing training this week... HOLY cow if I my mission president uses me I am going to be used out there.. It crazy they have like charting online that I have to fill out and become best friends with all these doctors and pharmacist. But either way I will have to get out there and learn the language first so we will have to see what president Hill wants to do with me. They gave us sweet nursing kits.. I am hoping that they will fit it my bag.. Another thing our presenter said was that some people took some medications to Romania and they were thrown in jail for it?? So I dont know if I need to put my medicines in bottles?? but then I asked my romanian teacher if that would happen and he siad "no but they probably will steal it??" So mom and dad I dont know what to do? I dont want to be thrown into a Romanina prison right when I get to the country... that would be rough haha So I found Sarah... I was coming out of my nursing meeting and she was in the hallway... we just started sprinting towards one another and started crying as we hugged one another! EVERYONE NEEDS TO DEAR ELDER SARAH TODAY AND TOMMORROW! I went and visited her last night and she is with this little somoan companion and they are in a room by themselves. Sarah isnt in my building with is really lame because my keys dont work to get into her building and she is in one of the older ghetto ones but her companion seems cool so they will get along. I think that it is good we are not in the same builiding because she needs to become really reliant on the Lord and her companion! Her Pday is monday so make sure that everyone emails her! It was really weird seeing her because it brought me back to how I felt the first week I got into the MTC and I just wanted to take all of the sadness away from her... It really broke my heart! But we talked and I told her that it gets better! and it has gotten better... one thing that has really helped me was when Chelsie albaugh siad "I never loved the MTC but I loved my mission." That gives me hope.. I like the MTC and I am learning a lot but I am super excited to get out in the feild and start making a difference in Romania! I am halfway done!!!! It is crazy that I have been out a month! Looking back now it has gone by pretty fast! I am truling learning what it means like to be humble and count on the Lord... Sometimes I just wish that I could call you guys up! but honestly I tried avoiding the road yesterday so that I wouldnt see you guys! But Honestly even if I dont feel good enough I will continue to keep pressing forward feasting upon the words of Christ with a brightness of hope! Heavenly Promises me that I wil learn this language... It is coming slowy but surely it will come! I am trying to find happiness in everyday! We get to go to the temple today which is always good! I am so thankful for all of you guys and I love you so so much! I just need sarah to love it here too...It was wierd.. seeing her was super happy but it kind of threw me off... but I know I will get back and I know that Sarah will start liking the MTC! Thank everyone for sending me emails and christmas cards! When you guys are dear eldering Sarah feel free to send me one as well ha I love hearing from you guys and it realy makes the days better! Have a great week family!!! I love guys so so much!!! This gopsel is true! Jesus Christ lives! Heavenly Father loves all of us individually! He knows exactly what we are going through and need! The book of Mormon is true and was written for our day! I know that this is where I am supposed to be! The Lord needs me in Romania! I have people there waiting for me! I know it! Thanks again for all of your love and support! Enjoy the Holidays!!! :)
Love Sora Abby Polatis!!
ps... for real dear elder sarah! ... and me! ha keep me updated on everyone!

                                                   Wrapping a sprained ankle

Monday, December 10, 2012

"Thinking in Romanian??"

Hey family!!! I loved all of the emails that I had this week and the dear elders are so much fun! honestly getting a letter is like a Christmas present and getting a package is like winning the lottery!!! ha I love you all so so much! It means a lot having your support! Be ready to send Sarah a lot of dear elders right at the first because they are needed!! but the MTC gets better everyday.. honestly Heavenly Father is so aware of our needs! I loved the BLUE TREE! I was in tears when I opened it because I just thought.." Wow I am the luckiest person in this whole entire world!" I have the best family! I feel bad sometimes because I am always talking about you guys! (my other companions family situations are not as ideal as mine is) So i try to just remain positive and remember that we have a loving Heavenly Father that loves us. So it was weird.. dad I couldn't even remember what the names were of those people from Hamer and I just happened to have to do laundry with Rivera... I start talking to a random couple.. (I love the senior couples) :) anyways so I just asked about them and it was them! The Williams  they were so nice and i got a picture with them! It was no coincidence! I saw Dallin Polson yesterday right when he walked into the MTC it was fun to see him he honestly is so nice! and my schedule matches up with the Italians so I will be seeing him everywhere! and remember Lucy Harris... my relief society president going to Nebraska  She got here yesterday also! when I saw her i started jumping up and down!!! It was so fun! and of course everyone knows that my sister is coming next week! I tell everyone and I am really hoping that you are on my floor! if not... come find me! I live in 17M room 445!!! seriously Sarah! come find me! I will be looking for you... It is a weird emotion to know that you guys will be at the MTC.. you don't know how much I want to just run out to the side walk and hug all of you guys but that is not a good idea... I will be personally studying in a building right by the room where you guys dropped me off! It will be hard.. but the excitement of seeing Sarah will be worth it!!! I found out that for nursing I get to take classes next week for it! It will be with all of the doctors that are over the missions! Tuesday from 8-5 and Wednesday from 3-6! I am so excited the girl I talked to said that the lady loves BYUI nurses so I am super excited! I am also excited that i don have to wait on a visa! there are so many people that are stuck here because of visas! but yes I am back in a trio! Rivera left on Monday! I cant believe that I am almost half way done here! It is so so crazy! I loved the story dad about "As ye sow" what a great message! Mom I love getting dear elders from you .. seriously you could send one everyday haha I liked hearing from Tate and I am glad you finally shaved your face! ha Sam wahoo for Mr. RHS! you should win!!! Good luck I will pray for you ha! ha I hope that all of you guys are reading the book of Mormon everyday!!! That book is amazing!!! honestly ever question you have can be answered!!! I want to challenge all of you guys to get fresh book of Mormons and go through and highlight everything that talks about Christ!!! It is amazing!!! My mind is blown as I read the scriptures! Sarah! But the language is coming along! We are trying to speak it more around campus... it is a little awkward though.. because one of are main verbs is face which is to do or to make... and it sounds exactly like the F word... ha when people ask how I am "Eu Fac bine..." ha it doesn't sounds to good! ha but it going good! Our investigators are doing well! We finally got one to pray! the gift of tongues is amazing ! we went into our lessons this week with our taking notes and honestly the spirit is so strong i found myself understanding most of what they are saying and we are able to communicate back to them with our broken Romanian! In our last lesson the spirit was so strong... we were almost in tears! ha I am so thankful for this opportunity! every devo that we go to talks about how a mission is the defining point of our lives! I want to mission to just engulf me to be the missionary that I know the Lord needs me to be for the people in Romanian ! If I every have a bad day its ok because I know that I am where I am supposed to be! Heavenly Father loves me! He loves all of us! It is promised that my family will be blessed! I pray for you guys always! Be safe and stay healthy! I am so lucky to have all of you guys! Mom I am going to write you another email with the stuff that I need:) again thank you for the great examples you guys are to me!! The package was amazing! the Dear elders and emails are awesome! I don't know how I am so lucky! Missionary work is awesome! we should never stop being missionaries- I am not just putting in my 18 months.. I am changing into the person that I need to be for the rest of my life! Tate you will love it! the Elders love being here! look at some of the advice that I gave Sarah though because that will really help! Sorry if this is choppy and doesn't make sense I am half thinking in Romanian as I type!! ha I love you guys so much! Keep me updated! Enjoy the Holiday season! We had a guy come speak to us that is on the board of the church for missionaries and he was like "you guys are really going to enjoy the holidays.. because someone is coming... ha but I can't say who... but ya enjoy the holidays!" It was like hint.. hint we are getting a General authority!!! yeah! It will be sweet! I love you all!
te iubesc! Love Sora Abby Polatis!! (po- la- tees) :) my new Romanain last name! I am never called by the right last name here! haha
Try English???

Cute Christmas Package to remind her what everyone looks like

Sisters Serving in the Pocatello ID mission

Abby always makes everyone do a fake laughing picture

Always pictures with the lights

Not quite sure who she stole these from, but they are Sexy!!

Thursday, November 29, 2012

1st P-DAY

November 29, 2012

o Familia meu!
I Love you guys so much! It is crazy they don't give us enough time to email so I am just going to put all my thoughts out there!
     Well today is my first p day and it is amazing! we wake up.. do laundry ... write letters and go to the temple! I am so excited to go back to the temple!!! I realized my purpose as a missionary! I am not here for me... I am here for the people in Romania and Moldova! I have found like 100 scriptures telling me to be PATIENT and HUMBLE then the Lord can mold me into the missionary that He wants me to be. I am going to send a letter home to Sarah about "How to survive your first 2 weeks at the MTC" I think that I might look into having it published! It has some really really good stuff! ha ha Don't be worried Sarah! I am actually loving the MTC! Everyone is speaking in different languages! when I say multsemec (thanks) they answer with there language! Its actually really funny because Sora Kelly and I love making friends so its like college all over again ... We just walk around saying "Buna" to everyone! We have made a lot of friends! some Elders even save us spots to eat with them for lunch! Everyone thinks that Sora Kelly and I our sisters! It makes me so excited to have Sarah here!@! ah i cant wait! 
So I met this kid on the first day and he was talking to me a lot and then I saw him everywhere! He name is Elder Ritter and he would always be waiting for me and one time I walked past him and he was like "Its the girl in the Blue" hahaha He then gave me a pass a long card with his address on it so that I would write him... so so funny! this little 19 year old boy going to Arizona! O ya and the other picture with my adoptive grandparents! they are from Oregon going to Ecuador Temple they asked me to take a picture for them one day and then after that they would always find me and talk to me... they were like "we want to set you up with our grandsons." and "We were so drawn to you.." "You are so loving" honestly they made my day! so they got my address and said that they would be at my wedding! ha They left on Monday! but they were so nice honestly the both gave me big hug goodbye and hermana Johnson gave me a kiss on the cheek! O ya and I forgot to tell you guys-- I am the music coordinator for my ward.. I know a prestigious calling! ha ha its pretty fun I just pick out all the songs! another thing-- this girl broke her thumb during gym-- It was way fun to be the nurse and give her all this advice because the people at the front desk did not have any idea what they are talking about! I felt important!  But ya sora Rivera leaves this Monday for Romania! Dad you will be pleased to know that I get my visa once I get to the country! so i am 100% guaranteed no delays on leaving here January 14th! can you believe I only have like 6 weeks left! Wow crazy! but ya i will get to call home that day during my layovers so keep that in mind! The dear letters are the best because they come everyday! 
Mom I loved the story about your Spanish class- I read it to all my companions and they were dying! But the language is pretty good! It's amazing how much I understand! we will now be teaching 2 investigators for the rest of our stay here... ends up being like 8 lessons a week in Romanian! So it will be a lot of fun! my teachers are cool and the elders in our district are super cool! I am really loving the MTC now! I still miss you guys but i know that Heavenly Father will take care of you guys while I am gone! He really is looking out for all of us! I know that he answers my prayers! I had to leave the MTC to go to the dentist with Sora Rivera and that was the weirdest thing Ever!!! WE had to get into the shuttle and leave campus... I felt so weird.. "awkward sister missionary" already!!! ha but I felt better once they got me back to our spiritual "safety bubble" ha but it funny so you know how I said we cant have any music well you would laugh in the showers people start singing like Disney songs and then everyone starts singing along ha I am sorry that my time is so short I wish I could keep going on and thanking you guys for everything! Dad and Mom getting dear elders from you with advice on them is the best! I love you guys so much! I am so so so lucky to have you guys! the more I talk to other girls about there lives i realized i am so lucky! I am going to work super hard and make you guys proud! I know that this gospel is true! Mi-e dorde tine! ( I miss you guys!) But this is where I am supposed to be! hurrah for Israel! I will never give up with the language or this mission because I know that you guys and the Lord are with me always!!! Thank you Thank you for everything!!!
te iubesc!!! (love you)
Love Sora Polatis
Sora Kelly, Romanian Teacher, Abby

Abby with her "Healthy Snacks" Package

"Future Grandparent In laws" They loved Abby, they said she was very cute and had a wonderful spirit about her and they want her to marry one of their grandsons


Venturing into the "Real World" Sora Rivera needed to go to the  dentist

The lights at the MTC with her District

Saturday, November 24, 2012

1st Week in the MTC

Well she made it! She finally wrote us a letter, and she is doing fabulous! She has already taught 2 lessons in Romanian. She says that she loves this gospel and the spirit at the MTC is so strong and there isn't a better feeling in the whole entire world. She also said she loves you all and is glad she has a strong support system.

Roommates!-Sister Gerhartz, Sister Rivera and Sister Kelly

The whole District, there are only 8 people Learning Romanian

COUSINS-Saw Elder Colin Rounds 

Headed To the Temple

All the Group at the Temple

Sister Kelly-They have a lot in common and even dress alike