Monday, May 5, 2014

Hola Tudddoooo Bem!!!?
     Well that was some rough news! I´m really going to miss Grandpa! He was funny funny man. But I totally agree that he will be so much happier now because even when I left he was kind of down and out so I can´t imagine what he was like a year later. The pictures all looked very great. That is awesome that the majority of the family was able to make it to the funeral and everything and it sounds like the service was fantastic. I can still picture Grandpa right now in my head riding the fourwheeler behind me mitch sam and maddy after we got in trouble for playing on the haystacks. Ha just cruising on the fourwheeler with his whip:)
       So my new companion is Elder L Silva! Brazileiro!!!!!! Haha he already has almost a year on his mission and is already engaged to this girl from back at home. He is from Campinas which is like 1 hour and a half away from here. Haha he is a funny guy though. He knows a little bit of English but not enough to have any sort of conversation. It was a little lonely at first and a huge change for me, because with Elder Searle we would just laugh all day long and joke about everything, ha but now it is a little quiet with Elder Silva. Ha I am greatful though because I am learning how to speak the language so much better because I am starting to have to think in Portuguese.
      We had a baptism yesterday after church. ha I think that it is a little strange that they do the service after church and then wait a whole week before the baptism by fire but tudo bem. Her name was Margarida, and they had already been working with her before I got here. I think that she had been going to church for like 6 months but couldn´t get baptized because she was not married and living with this guy. So the saturday before, they got married and then the next day she was baptized. Ha in the states its a little different, I think that she would have to wait two weeks before she could get baptized after her wedding. She looked really happy though and it was a great baptismal service.
       This week was a little bit slower. A lot of appointments fell through so we have been doing a lot of street contacting and setting up appointments for this week. So far our week this week is pretty full of people to go and see so I´m excited. Oh so we were walking down this one road after going to see someone, and we see a couple dogs and don´t think anything of it. But then as I am walking I feel this little sting in the back of my leg and I hurry and jerk my leg away and I look back and the dog just got done biting me. It was the weirdest thing. I hurried and checked my leg and nothing was there or anything so I´m really glad that I was quick enough, but the dog ripped a whole in my pants so I´m going to have to get that stitched up.
    So for Mothers day.. Abby wants me to wait until the Sunday after Mothers day so that I can talk to her too, so I´m going to call president and see if I can change it to the next sunday. I´m pretty sure that President will let me but if not I´ll call you before and tell you what time that i am going to be skyping.
     The language is starting to come though. Slowly but surely ha. We are trying to baptize this one lady who has been taught everything and is coming to church but her husband isnt too sure about it and he doesnt want to because of all the commandments and restrictions. Mainly on Sunday, because he said that is when he gets everything taken care of. So I asked him what is the purpose of commandments and he didnt really know, so then I just rebuked him in portuguese:) Haha no jk, but I thought the language came to me pretty well right there because he had never though of it like that. So we are hoping that he will have a change of heart and we can get them on date to be baptized.
      Well I hope everyone is doing okay with the loss of Grandpa. Without the gospel I know that this would be devasting, but with the knowledge that we have all is well:) I love you all a bunch and I´m grateful for all the prayers and everything that you guys do for me. Love you!!!
Love Elder Polatis
Spuddy-buddy, Elder Searle and myself!!  Lovin the threesome!

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