Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grandma is going on the TREK???? What??? My mind is like in shock right now! Is that even possible?? I thought they like push handcarts and what not??? Well good luck to her, and you are right, hopefully she will be alright and return!! Return being the key word!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNDEE!!! I hope that you had a great day! I am so excited to see you and I want to hear all about your summer in Idaho! I bet you just had a blast!!!! I love you!

Ha about the grainerys! It is always a big process. But You know how things go! You start something and then it turns into something bigger than we thought but in the end it will all work out!

Well eventful, sort of! I said last week that I didn't feel like I had enough time in the day, so we just started going out,,,,,like ALL DAY!!! We were able to get in so much teaching this week, I loved it and didn't feel so stressed out because that is what I am supposed to be doing! So score!!

First, So this week, RAINY season has begun and I am not loving it! In the city its not bad, your feet just get dirty but here you are muddy and it has made it hard for our proselyting. The side by the beach is fine it is just sand but the mountain part is hard! We have been doing a lot of "barefeet" it is easier to walk the fields, you dont get stuck!!!:) All the locals do it so we figure that it cant be that bad!

So we had to go to the Lacno family this week! We needed to prepare them for their interviews, BUT since it was raining and it wasnt like a little trickle, it was like a mini typhoon everyday! But we walked all the way then we got to the river--------FLOOD!!!! IT wasnt like super high it was just fast, so we took off our shoes just kind of pulled up our skirts and crossed. HAHA it came to my thighs and i was with 2 members it came to their waists but we all just laughed and prayed that we wouldnt fall! But we got there and it was a huge blessing, all the people that we had planned to teach we all home and willing! So out soaking wet teaching was worth it! That really will be something that I wont forgot! 

Saturday night, we went to teach one of our LA members, he is 17 he comes on/off and his cousin who is our investigator. Well the LA dad isn't a member but he is kind of hard hearted and I was always a little bit nervous feeling around him. Well we finished our lesson and we are just talking while waiting for Sis. M to come back (we were on splits) well he sits down and started  talking to me. He opened up a lot, First he was joking, then he told me the elders used to teach him, but he stopped because he was offended my some hypocritical members. So I kind of just took the soft approach, I just agreed with him and told him but told him "the church is perfect, the members aren't" then I invited him to come to church and he was hesitant!  But I just shared with him just my testimony, he started crying!! He committed to come to church and HE DID!!! He said that what I said (and to be honest--I don't really remember, so it must have been the spirit talking to him) touched his heart! His wife is a member and they are always fighting because she wants him to be a member! But He said he will try harder and he knows it is true, he just needs to get over the pride in his heart and make the commitment! 

I know that the Church is true! That we are all instruments in the Lords hands! And it doesn't matter how tired, or happy or frustrated or anything if we are following the spirit we have the potential to change lives! But we have to be so humble and willing to follow the promptings! I know that the Book of Mormon will change anyone's life if they will read and pray about it! Being a missionary has been the hardest but most rewarding experience of my whole life!! I remember when I was preparing and I wasn't like 100% into it! Like I wasn't sure but now that I am here and have done it, I am molded! I know what Heavenly Father expects me to do everyday of my life! FIND HIS SHEEP and help him! Even though we all have struggles and they are all different IF we rely on the Savior we can overcome anything!!!!

I will see you all next week!!!! What a weird thought/feeling that is!!! I love you all! Be good and be safe!!!!

Love Sister Polatis
So first, I am a palagpat and didnt write it last week
MADDY---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you had a great day!! We were in Bacolod so we tried to celebrate it up for you there!!! We can celebrate again when I get back!!! HAHA I love you and hope you make the best of this year!!!
DAD---HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! Yesterday the primary sang for all their dads, (all 6 of them) and it was touching! I remember all the times of us doing that! I love you hope that you have had the best day ever!!!
Well this week was a little bit different! But it was also way good! My feelings of being torn kind of hit in and I really feel weird saying that! HA But we did really good at our findings and people just started coming out of the wood work so we were grateful for that!!!
First, we had our zone conference in Bacolod! I was so excited that we were there to spend our P-day, so we shopped around then we had our conference! I loved it! We learned mostly about following the spirit and working with our leaders! So hopefully we can apply it in our area to get it strong before I split!
We got home around 2 on wednesday! So We got on the bus and we were all so tired but the bus lately has been so crowded So we get on and we are sitting then and this lady and her husband get on the bus and it is so full and she has this baby like 4 months old maybe, anyways NO MEN will stand to give her the seat, so I stood! For the whole 4 hours I stood on the bus and it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to talk to the people standing next to me! So I was grateful! It wasnt that horrible! But we got back and just got at it! We had a lot to teach. So we went and prepared our investigator for baptism! We stayed really busy this week just trying to find and play catch up from the days that we missed!
So Finally, My whole mission I have wanted to attend a wedding! Well saturday we got to attend! It was at the church, well they asked me to play the piano so at the last minute I got the Cannon in D and played come thou fount! The judge said it was like he entered heaven haha I just laughed and was lucky my fingers would work! That was in the morning and then in the Afternoon we had the baptism for BeBe -Criestil! It was so fun! The spirit was so strong and since she has been bearing her testimony for the past 2 years she did really good! We took so many pictures for them so that they can remember. Her little sister CJ never got any pictures from her baptism just in decemeber so we changed her clothes and took pictures for her as well! IT was so fun!
I have been having these feelings of struggling a little bit like managing my time, I just feel like there isnt enough time!  So we missed teaching some investigators and we were nervous that they wouldnt come to church because we didnt see them, well after RS I turned the corner and all 3 boys were there! It was a blessing! I was so excited and way happy that they came! If they will continue to strengthen their faith there will be no problems!!!!
But Yes, I am freaking out! I really never thought that it would come this fast! I look at the calandar and I just have mixed feelings! I am way excited to see you! I promise that! Just weird is all! I will kill it these last couple weeks and end with a bang!! I love you all! I am so glad that I am here! I am so glad that I have had the best support in the whole world!! Be good and be safe! Have a great week! That is so funny that Anndee is staying with you! I bet she is having a blast! Maybe she will want to move to Idaho! She can go to rigby high school! :) Another great education haha! JK
Love you!!! 
Love Sister Polatis
    Hey Family. How is everyone? Man that sounds like some good work building those bins. That´ll be a big change to see when I get back thats for sure. So yea the reason that I am writing today is because today was our temple trip so our pday is today. The temple was amazing as usually. Ha it is a little harder to get there from this new area. I think it takes a little over 2 hours. Ha the metro gets really crazy, especially during the Copa do Mundo. Ha speaking of the World cup, we finally got permission to watch the Brazil game yesterday:) The rules were that we had to watch it in a members home with and investigator. Ha well we couldnt really find an investigator that was able to come with us until we found the niece of one of our recently activated members. So we invited her and she came right along with us to watch the game. Brazil won thank goodness. This country would go on a riot if  Brazil didnt make it past the first round. I think that the states have a pretty good chance too. Everyone asks me about which players I like and stuff but I dont know anyone on the teams ha. I told them that no one in the States really knows about the cup. Ha they get really shocked at that statement. But afterward we had a lesson with the niece and re-committed her to read the BOM. I guess her mom doesnt like the church and wont let her go to church but we´ll see this week.
    Ha we had really sweet miracle happen this week. We were walking down the street when Elder Obi sees this surfboard up on the porch of this house. Elder Obi is a surfer, so he wanted to just see if someone surfed in this house to start the conversation and then of course tell them about the gospel. So we clap at this gate and this really cool guy comes down and starts chatting with us and says that the surfboard is his brother in-law´s surfboard, but then we invite him to hear our message and he accepted really quick. So we get to the top and go into his house and meet his wife (yes we finally met some one that is married) and she is really really awesome. They are probably in their early 30´s and have 2 kids. We taught them the restoration and told them all about the book of mormon and they really liked it a lot. The wife said that she felt really good and just had this really good feeling while we were there. In her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father for sending his servants to her. I love it when people really do realize that we are called of God to serve them. That is definitely key on them trusting us and keeping their committments. We set a date for July 13th with them and they said that they would work towards it. They are really cool with us and like us a lot even though we sometimes dont know what they are saying haha. It was definitely a really cool miracle.
     We set like 10 dates this week ha. I dont know how solid they are but I think a goal is good for everyone. Our recent converts also got the Holy Ghost on Sunday and are doing really well. We are starting up an English Class here now because we have a lot of people that are really interested and really want to learn English. The ward is really great here and it seems like they have a vision and for sure want to be a missionary ward so I´m excited. We are helping this one guy quit smoking who comes to church every week and loves the gospel. A member helped us set up a plan with him and now we check up with him every day so he can work towards his baptismal date. Things are going great though and the mission is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about all the events at home, I really enjoy that::) I love you all alot! Have a great week.
Love Elder Polatis

   Boa Tarde todo mundo!!!! Wow, Its already Father´s day tomorrow? That is really fast!! Dad I hope you have a great one and know that I always look up to you and that you are the best dad a guy could ask for!! Have you put the boat on the lake yet? This girl back in Iowa made me a notebook that has a picture of the wake on it, so it reminded me this morning. Oh and also happy Birthday Maddy!!! How was it? Did you finally grow older than 5 years old (ha remember). It´s so great to hear that all is well with everyone and that you all are having a great time.
   So first off I have some big news.. I got transferred last week over to Ribirao Pires into an area where Gregory served!!!!!!!!!!:) Ha pretty incredible right? Its been a long time but I have found a few people that still remember him. The Second Counselor in the ward was less active when Greg was here and he said that Greg helped him out so much and changed his life. Ha its almost a little scary how much he loves Greg. I guess that Greg gave him a tie and he cut it at his wedding (tradition) and now he still has it. He showed it to me yesterday at church and sure enough there is a PO on it and he cut off the Latis. Never thought it would happen but I´m excited. This area is a lot nicer than Diadema. There isnt just houses stacked on each other like it was over there. So my new companion is an American from California. He is black so when I got announced that I was with him I thought for sure he was a Brazilian but sure enough he is American. He also waited for his visa over in Wisconsin for a year, so he only has 1 more transfer than I do here. Ha he is a stud. His name is Elder Obi like Obi one kenobi!!:) We baptized these two young men yesterday which was pretty sweet. I think that we can get a lot of referrals thats for sure. Their familes came too so we will for sure see if they will be interested and take the lessons. Oh yea and another thing, we live with the zone leaders and one of them is Elder Witham again!!!!!! Haha he just can´t leave me. We have a good time and it makes missionary work a lot more fun.
     Sheesh so the World Cup is slowing things down a little bit!! Everytime Brazil plays we have to go inside and take cover haha. You dont really need to watch the game to know what is going on. I already knew what the final score was before any members told us because everytime Brazil scores you can hardly hear anything but screams and fireworks going off every second!!! Ha it´s pretty wild. But there are still a few people who dont even watch the cup so we talk to them:) Yesterday we were teaching at this less actives house and this guy, I think he was like their neighbor or something, he asked me who I was cheering for. Ha and I said jokingly os estados unidos. Ha his reply was simply, I will kill you. Hahaha so I took it back and said of course Brazil. I think that the states play today but sadly the first presidency said that no missionaries in Brazil can watch the world cup, so we can´t watch any games:( Brazil plays again tomorrow against Mexico so we´ll see how that is. Ha I think it is about the same whether they win or whether they lose, everyone goes crazy and gets wasted!! Its all good though, I havent really ran into anybody that was against the missionaries or anything. Most of the people are very very friendly to us. 
     So yea with two Americans again, we have to pay good attention to what people are saying but I really think that my language will improve more because I wont rely on the Brazilian to understand and respond now. We were walking on the street last night and we found a couple just sitting on the sidewalk so we talked to them and they invited us in. They were pretty sweet and accepted the baptismal invites. They don´t really work or anthing right now because of the Cup so we will be able to teach them a lot. We have been talking to a lot of people on the streets and have been finding a few eleitos (elects). Also went one exchanges with elder Frost who is companions with Elder Witham and we went and taught this lady the Restoration. The Spirit was strong and she was in tears when I started to say the first vision.. ha then I kind of forgot forget a part, so I just paused there until Elder Frost secretly handed me the pamphlet to finish it. Hahah it was just a good spiritual pause. You have to let the Spirit teach:)
     Well I love you all and hope everyone has a great start to the summer. The weather is still perfect here so I´m liking it. Man I heard the Heat lost so thats a bummer but oh well. Love you all so much!! Happy Father´s Day again Dad! Love you all!!!!! Have a good week.

Love Elder Polatis

Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Well this week was great! Very long and I am so tired but it was great! First, I met up with the elders in my batch! All americans and tuesday we flew to manila! WOW, it is so much different than Bacolod and to be honest I missed Bacolod. HAHA so much Tagalog. all of us were like nose-bleeding like crazy-----------nose bleed is when they talk and you dont understand. And we would try to talk to them but they dont understand Ilonggo! So we were all back to speaking english! Medyo weird! But we went to the temple and while we were there I ran into Kaden Robisons Mission President. I asked if Kaden was there but he said no, but he told me he would tell him hi, and now he is a zone leader I guess. But the temple was great! I felt so good and I am so excited to go back!
We made it back to Cauayan and just rocked it with our teachings! We were on the find and it worked. Hopefully we can help them progress and get them on their way to eternal life hahah! Joke. But saturday we had a baptism. YES!!! For christian. He was the one that just randomly came to church. He is 13 years but looks like he is 8. He shared his testimony and was so happy to be baptized. He will be just great! Has the cutest smile.
On Sunday we went to pick up some of our Recent converts the ones we went for didnt come but our investigators who werent really progressing were all ready and they came with us. They were all boys but I didnt care! I was excited that they came. There were 4 of them. Well I told the story of the 4 Sons of mosiah and how they were disobedient at the first but then they changed and became good missionaries. HAHA after church they said that when I said that I looked right at them. Maybe they will all change and it will be for the better. 

I love you all I miss you! I hope you all keep being good and being good! I will see you all soon! We are headed to bacolod again later today! Be good and be safe
Love Sis Polatis
     Hello Family and Everyone!!! How is everything going. The language is coming right along though. The only thing that really stinks is I like to joke around with people alot and it is still a little bit difficult to get my jokes across in Portuguese. I have been reading a lot about the gift of tongues and being and authorized servant of the Lord so I know if I put in the work and really strive to learn this language that it will come fast and get easier and easier:) 
        So today is transfer calls and the call still hasnt come yet so we are waiting. I think that there is a possibility that I will stay but who knows. This week has been a pretty good. We found 10 new investigators to teach and set like 6 dates with them, but with every good thing comes opposition and that is that we were dropped by the two ladies that came to church. So that was kind of a bummer, but I´m really excited to start helping this new pool of investigators start progressing. We are teaching this couple who are really young but already have twins, I think I already told you about them, but we went and visited them last night and it just looks hard. Whenever one would stop crying the other one would start crying. I felt really bad and told them that we could wash there dishes for them if they wanted:) But they are really interested but of course have the excuse that they are just too busy to get their reading done. So we told them that by our next visit they need to make sure and read what we told them to read. They said that they will for sure this time so we will see. We are also teaching quite a few teenagers, so we are working on getting them to some activities at the church.
      The World Cup starts this week though. Everyone is starting to get all excited. Its actually pretty cool. They are painting Brazilian flags on the roads and putting up banners everywhere. I kind of wanted to buy some paint and paint the US flag on the street but I would probably get killed so probably not. Our studies will now be switched to 4 to 6 at night which are the hours of all the games. I thought that the World cup would kind of hinder things but it actually has made it a little bit easier to find and talk to people because everything is going to shut down ha. Oh yea and you have to pick a team here from the state of Sao Paulo, so I am a corintiano:) Its really funny how worked up everyone gets about how much they like or dont like a team. I´ll have to ask Greg what team he is.
      Yesterday we had a stake conference broad cast with Elder Richard G Scott, Elder M. Russell Ballard, and another authority that I forgot his name. It was really good though. Elder Scott can speak Portuguese so he gave his talk in Portuguese. Ha it was a little bit of a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese though. I asked some of the members if they could understand a lot of it and most of them said more or less ha. I like it a lot though. He gave a talk about prayer and communicating with Heavenly Father which he kind of gave a similiar talk when I was in the MTC in Provo so I got to hear some more counsel with prayer. Elder Ballard talked a lot about sharing the gospel with the technology that we have. It was a really good conference and good to see a big group of Brazilian members.
      Well I will have to inform you next week with what happened at transfers but everything is going good here and I am turning into a Brazilian ha. At lunch I eat so much because I know that I wont eat again until like 9:30. But the people are so nice here and really need the gospel because some people really have some rough situations. Thanks for everything and all of the love and support. Love you all!!!!
Love Elder Polatis

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

HAHA what an eventful week! CONGRATS SAMMY!!
Congrats Ellie! That is a so great!  I have the prettiest sisters in the whole world! I just got shy to come home! YIKES!!!!!! After living here for a while I am not quite up to "gwapa"Standards! Help me please! HAHAHA Maddy needs to move here, everyone is just like her! They always just lagaw-lagaw haha she will fit right in! 

Well this morning we hear a "tag balay"at like 5 am! I thought it was for the house next to ours but it wasnt. It was for us! Our investigators and recent converts, who are all boys and fishermen came over and brought us about 1 1/2 kilos of fish! They went out and worked last night and wanted to share with us. We wanted to buy it but they wouldnt take money! So we traded some of our Asian Mangos for the fish! HA I hope that it was a fair deal! I have become a fan of the fish! Weird how your taste buds change! But they were funny, we shared with them just fast and all was well.
We had to go to Bacolod earlier this week for the follow up training of Sister Montemayor. Long but good bus ride. We met a lot of good people. We came back and just worked our little hearts out! I was inspired after the training to find and help leave this area so strong for sister Montemayor! We found 10 new people and they are families. That is probably my favorite thing here. Everyone is connected somehow and they always lead us to their families. The area that we found them in is a little bit far away from the church, but we think that they will be fine! The girls were way excited to see us and hopefully they will start to progress. 

On tuesday, we were out and we were far in our area and they storm came in. We were doing our teaching and then all the people were like, its getting bad, you need to go home. But by the time we got done teaching it was already here. The rain and the wind. Horrible. But before we left we went and just sat on the shoreline, with out little umbrellas while it poured on us. Sister Montemayor was like "Sister we need to go, we need to find someone to take us home" But When it rains here, no one is outside. So I just told her to enjoy the little moments.So we did! IT  was somewhat relaxing just sitting on the beach in the rain. HAHA that is my goal right now! Enjoy the little things! Heavenly Father has created so much for us and we need to enjoy it! Life is fun! There is so much to love! And like i  told her, no one was waiting to take us home:) HAHA
We found Elmarie this week! She is 12 years old and she says that she sees us all the time but was shy because she doesnt know english!, I told her "(in ilonggo) "Thats ok,, because I dont know how to speak english anymore either" HAHA she laughed and was surprised that I understood her. But she opened right up to  I love and miss you all! Be good and be safe!!!! MMMWWWAAAHHHH:) Palanggo ko kamo tanan!!!us and invited her grandma to listen in and her brother. So we are so excited about them. I just have to remember that the Lord will take care of everything, just on his time table. Our investigators who were drinking last week all came to church, I WAS SO GRATEFUL! I know they want to change, it will just take time! They can do it! At least they are still coming to church! 

I love it here! Yes, you are hearing me right! My little heart is stuck right here in the pines and I know at the first I never thought that it would be, BUT change happens! I love doing missionary work to see the lives of people change and have desire to be better. It is worth it! I think my letter is a little bit scattered but that is because my mind is kind of scattered haha ambot sa akon! Keep going and trying to find people. Sometimes people take longer but eventually they will come around! I miss you all but time is flying, weird na! I will definitely enjoy my last little go around. Sister Montemayor is more excited than I am I think haha but she is stepping right up and trying to get things all figured out. I always joke with her and tell her she is fine and doesnt need me anymore but she always gives me this look and says ""pwede ba"? Which means um.......no! HAHA I love her. She is good!
Have a great first week of summer! I bet it is going to be awesome!!
Love Sis Polatis:) <3
Oi Beleza!!!! Family how is everything going? Ha sheesh mom now that you dont have to write abby the letters have doubled:) Oh and you dont get me mixed up with the girls as much anymore haha jk!! Sheesh that is really weird to think that sam is all graduated and maddy only has one year left of highschool. Soon Rigby highschool will be barren of Polatis´ and will not be cool anymore. Granny looks awesome and cheerful as always. Ahh Sam will do his own thing? That´s really sweet. I really enjoyed when Kaden and I did that for a month and then we failed haha. But it was a great side job thats for sure. Ha and you can´t blame the jeff Dabell thing on me alright, it was Jaron!!:) And Maddy stay away from Madison!! They are all trouble!! On the outside they appear to be zion, but on the inside they are ravenous wolfs!!
     Well my companion, Carlos, and I went to this place called vinte cinco last week. I bet Greg is familiar with it. It is just this street that has a bunch of cheap stuff. I went and got my brazilian flag and some sweet jerseys:) It was pretty cool being right in the middle of the big city, but it was pretty wild at the same time with the world cup being so close because everyone is trying to buy stuff for it. That was really sweet though. We also had zone conference this week and I got to be reunited with Elder Searle for a little bit. It was President and Sister Tanners last zone conference. They will leave on the 27th to go to his other calling now. 
      Things are going pretty well though. Just been doing a lot of conversas and seeking out the eleitos. We have some good lessons set up for this week so we´re excited to have some new investigators. We had lunch with this one irma who´s husband is not a member but is really awesome. Ha he has been through like 30 missionaries and the mission president before president tanner has taught him as well. They even have a picture of them with the president in their living room. It is really really tough to figure out why he has not been baptized. He loves the missionaries and knows the church is true. We asked him what stopped him before and he said work, but right now he doesnt work on Sundays so he just said that he is used to the relaxed life on sundays. We talked to his wife the sunday after and she said that he was talking about how good he felt when we were there and how happy is was and that he was going to come to church in the morning, but then when morning came he said that he didnt want to anymore haha. Sheesh!! But I´m sure that everything has been done to help him make the plunge but we are going to pray about him alot and see what we can do to help him act.
   Next week is already transfers again which is crazy. This transfer really flew by. We had a meeting with the stake yesterday where President Tanner came and gave a little training on missionary work. The stake of Diadema has been the highest baptizing for the past 3 years but the month of April there was only 3 baptisms and not much more in May. So our whole stake is kind of in a slump or something because we are struggling right now. It was a really good meeting though and should really get the members back thinking about missionary work more. We have recieved a couple of referrals but they havent been very promising. I think the hardest thing right now is church for people. Everyone has work on Sunday or they are have an excuse about soccer games. Its a little frustrating, but we have some good promising people so we´ll get them progressing this week. There is this one member who is getting ready to serve a mission. He speaks like 5 languages so he helps me with portuguese a lot, but he knows everyone!! He was really good to take out one day last week because he would just say oh I know her lets talk to her. So it helped us alot to have him there and to make people feel comfortable to set up some appointments.