Tuesday, August 19, 2014

     Opa Tudo bom? How is the Fam doing? Haha wow, that is nuts about that little cow. Was he going pretty fast when the cow jumped out? Thats exciting about the missionary work that you guys are doing back home. Ha have patience. My patience here in Brazil has quadrupled because everyone here is pretty shaky and lazy. So you have to stick with them and help them to recognize the Spirit. Yea I heard that Carson and Tanner get home today. That is really crazy. Time really does fly thats for sure. Congrats with the volleyball Maddy. Dont forgot what I taught you and change the attitude about being average and take state:) Everyone else have a good start with college coming up.
      This week has been interesting one. The weather here changes more randomly than it does in Idaho. On Tuesday it was like 85 degrees and then when we woke up the next day it was back down to 40 and raining, and then it just kept raining the whole week. Ha man the work here is so much different than it was in the states. Here we find new investigators everyday but they we can hardly get another lesson with them again. In the states you would hardly find new people to teach, but the people that you found would work with you a little longer. This week we found.. yea I dont know what happened there but here is the rest of the email... so we found 11 new people to teach this week and they are all from contacts on the street. Ha its just kind of weird because they just want to hear a message about Christ and they dont really have an intention to change or do anything. I think like 90% of the people that we contact say that we can pass by, but maybe 1/3 have an interest to change. So we are trying to find a balance with these contacts. 
      We had two young men come to church yesterday that we hadnt even taught yet. This member gave them to us as a referral because she said that she talked to their uncle who was taking pictures of the church. So their uncle is a member but he lives in Recife and he told the kids that they should go and check out this church. So we went and talked to them and little bit about church and that we would meet them there. We also talked to their Dad who is a really good guy! He said that he doesnt smoke or drink and that he is married but he doesnt go to any church because a pastor treated him wrong or something. Sounds pretty golden right?:) So it is a family of 5 that we are going to go see tomorrow with the young mens president. I think that they will really like our message.
       We also went back to Mimi and Dannys this week because we havent seen them forever because they said that they would call us but never did. So we got there and the dad was telling us how he still isnt feeling anything and how they want to take a break for a little while. It was really frustrating because I know that the wife already knows its true but she wont join without her husband. So we just started teaching anyways about getting answers and about the Book of Mormon and we were able to set up a family home evening with them. I really hope that this family home evening will be really great and help this family feel that the church is true because I really do love this family and I know that they have a lot of potential.
      This Thursday we are also going to do a tour of the church. I´m bringing some of Iowa here ha. Everyone says that the church is always closed and they dont know what goes on in there, so we are going to open it up and teach the restoration in the church. We had some really good tours in Iowa, so we´ll make sure and make it a good spiritual experience. Thats the mission life right now though. I´m glad to hear that everything is going good. How is harvest going? Take care.  I love you all and hope you have a great week:)
Love Elder Polatis