Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Oi Beleza!!!! Family how is everything going? Ha sheesh mom now that you dont have to write abby the letters have doubled:) Oh and you dont get me mixed up with the girls as much anymore haha jk!! Sheesh that is really weird to think that sam is all graduated and maddy only has one year left of highschool. Soon Rigby highschool will be barren of Polatis´ and will not be cool anymore. Granny looks awesome and cheerful as always. Ahh Sam will do his own thing? That´s really sweet. I really enjoyed when Kaden and I did that for a month and then we failed haha. But it was a great side job thats for sure. Ha and you can´t blame the jeff Dabell thing on me alright, it was Jaron!!:) And Maddy stay away from Madison!! They are all trouble!! On the outside they appear to be zion, but on the inside they are ravenous wolfs!!
     Well my companion, Carlos, and I went to this place called vinte cinco last week. I bet Greg is familiar with it. It is just this street that has a bunch of cheap stuff. I went and got my brazilian flag and some sweet jerseys:) It was pretty cool being right in the middle of the big city, but it was pretty wild at the same time with the world cup being so close because everyone is trying to buy stuff for it. That was really sweet though. We also had zone conference this week and I got to be reunited with Elder Searle for a little bit. It was President and Sister Tanners last zone conference. They will leave on the 27th to go to his other calling now. 
      Things are going pretty well though. Just been doing a lot of conversas and seeking out the eleitos. We have some good lessons set up for this week so we´re excited to have some new investigators. We had lunch with this one irma who´s husband is not a member but is really awesome. Ha he has been through like 30 missionaries and the mission president before president tanner has taught him as well. They even have a picture of them with the president in their living room. It is really really tough to figure out why he has not been baptized. He loves the missionaries and knows the church is true. We asked him what stopped him before and he said work, but right now he doesnt work on Sundays so he just said that he is used to the relaxed life on sundays. We talked to his wife the sunday after and she said that he was talking about how good he felt when we were there and how happy is was and that he was going to come to church in the morning, but then when morning came he said that he didnt want to anymore haha. Sheesh!! But I´m sure that everything has been done to help him make the plunge but we are going to pray about him alot and see what we can do to help him act.
   Next week is already transfers again which is crazy. This transfer really flew by. We had a meeting with the stake yesterday where President Tanner came and gave a little training on missionary work. The stake of Diadema has been the highest baptizing for the past 3 years but the month of April there was only 3 baptisms and not much more in May. So our whole stake is kind of in a slump or something because we are struggling right now. It was a really good meeting though and should really get the members back thinking about missionary work more. We have recieved a couple of referrals but they havent been very promising. I think the hardest thing right now is church for people. Everyone has work on Sunday or they are have an excuse about soccer games. Its a little frustrating, but we have some good promising people so we´ll get them progressing this week. There is this one member who is getting ready to serve a mission. He speaks like 5 languages so he helps me with portuguese a lot, but he knows everyone!! He was really good to take out one day last week because he would just say oh I know her lets talk to her. So it helped us alot to have him there and to make people feel comfortable to set up some appointments.

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