Tuesday, June 3, 2014

HAHA what an eventful week! CONGRATS SAMMY!!
Congrats Ellie! That is a so great!  I have the prettiest sisters in the whole world! I just got shy to come home! YIKES!!!!!! After living here for a while I am not quite up to "gwapa"Standards! Help me please! HAHAHA Maddy needs to move here, everyone is just like her! They always just lagaw-lagaw haha she will fit right in! 

Well this morning we hear a "tag balay"at like 5 am! I thought it was for the house next to ours but it wasnt. It was for us! Our investigators and recent converts, who are all boys and fishermen came over and brought us about 1 1/2 kilos of fish! They went out and worked last night and wanted to share with us. We wanted to buy it but they wouldnt take money! So we traded some of our Asian Mangos for the fish! HA I hope that it was a fair deal! I have become a fan of the fish! Weird how your taste buds change! But they were funny, we shared with them just fast and all was well.
We had to go to Bacolod earlier this week for the follow up training of Sister Montemayor. Long but good bus ride. We met a lot of good people. We came back and just worked our little hearts out! I was inspired after the training to find and help leave this area so strong for sister Montemayor! We found 10 new people and they are families. That is probably my favorite thing here. Everyone is connected somehow and they always lead us to their families. The area that we found them in is a little bit far away from the church, but we think that they will be fine! The girls were way excited to see us and hopefully they will start to progress. 

On tuesday, we were out and we were far in our area and they storm came in. We were doing our teaching and then all the people were like, its getting bad, you need to go home. But by the time we got done teaching it was already here. The rain and the wind. Horrible. But before we left we went and just sat on the shoreline, with out little umbrellas while it poured on us. Sister Montemayor was like "Sister we need to go, we need to find someone to take us home" But When it rains here, no one is outside. So I just told her to enjoy the little moments.So we did! IT  was somewhat relaxing just sitting on the beach in the rain. HAHA that is my goal right now! Enjoy the little things! Heavenly Father has created so much for us and we need to enjoy it! Life is fun! There is so much to love! And like i  told her, no one was waiting to take us home:) HAHA
We found Elmarie this week! She is 12 years old and she says that she sees us all the time but was shy because she doesnt know english!, I told her "(in ilonggo) "Thats ok,, because I dont know how to speak english anymore either" HAHA she laughed and was surprised that I understood her. But she opened right up to  I love and miss you all! Be good and be safe!!!! MMMWWWAAAHHHH:) Palanggo ko kamo tanan!!!us and invited her grandma to listen in and her brother. So we are so excited about them. I just have to remember that the Lord will take care of everything, just on his time table. Our investigators who were drinking last week all came to church, I WAS SO GRATEFUL! I know they want to change, it will just take time! They can do it! At least they are still coming to church! 

I love it here! Yes, you are hearing me right! My little heart is stuck right here in the pines and I know at the first I never thought that it would be, BUT change happens! I love doing missionary work to see the lives of people change and have desire to be better. It is worth it! I think my letter is a little bit scattered but that is because my mind is kind of scattered haha ambot sa akon! Keep going and trying to find people. Sometimes people take longer but eventually they will come around! I miss you all but time is flying, weird na! I will definitely enjoy my last little go around. Sister Montemayor is more excited than I am I think haha but she is stepping right up and trying to get things all figured out. I always joke with her and tell her she is fine and doesnt need me anymore but she always gives me this look and says ""pwede ba"? Which means um.......no! HAHA I love her. She is good!
Have a great first week of summer! I bet it is going to be awesome!!
Love Sis Polatis:) <3

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