Friday, May 30, 2014

Hey! First, HAHAHAHAHAHAHA oh my gosh! Madelyn!!! I am sorry for laughing but that is horrible! What is happening as you drive! You have the "greg curse" HAHA its ok! You need a car like sylvia!!! No matter what you could never tell if you ran into anything! And second......PLEASE dont get in my car! HAHA bawal ina para sa imo!
Second.......HAHAHA oh abby, hanging out with Aunt D and Grandma! I bet that was legit!!! I would probably have lost my mind as well! But that is good that you went! You are building a relationship with them!
Well this week was alright! We had a lot of good but sometimes with the good comes the bad!
We started out this week going out and getting all ready. We have just been doing a lot of follow up trying to prepare our investigators for baptism! We have some lined up but it wont start until June! But funny story, 
So there is this little girl, she is a member and has been for 2 years, she is active, but she asked about her record number.........ya she doesnt have one! She was baptized and they forgot to confirm her!! For 2 years, so she is now one of our smartest investigators and she will be baptized in June, everytime I ask her a question she goes (in a whiny little 10 year old voice) "Aye sister, member gid ko ya!" Meaning like she is a member! But she is cute! I am happy to be here when she becomes a member!
Well, we took a chocolate bread thing to celebrate one of our Recent converts birthdays! Well she is the cousin of the boy we told you about last week who was doing so good not smoking and drinking, well we walk up to the house and all 3 boys see us coming and take off running around to hide the stuff they were drinking and smoking. So we made a joke saying that we werent the police then they joked and said "YA you are worse than the police, you serve God" So I laughed but then we shared and I was way serious. It broke my heart a little bit so we are now back to waiting to see if they have desire to keep their commitments! But we wont let it get us down! We are fine! We are still trying to just keep finding!!
But this week I have been focusing on my patience! I need it and I know that is something that will follow me forever! So I better make sure I can master it here! I love you all! I cant wait to see you and we will all just chill and have a great time! I know that what I am doing is the work of God!! Keep studying!!!!!! LOVE YOU!!!
Love Sis. Polatis!

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