Tuesday, June 24, 2014

So first, I am a palagpat and didnt write it last week
MADDY---HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! I hope that you had a great day!! We were in Bacolod so we tried to celebrate it up for you there!!! We can celebrate again when I get back!!! HAHA I love you and hope you make the best of this year!!!
DAD---HAPPY FATHERS DAY!!!! Yesterday the primary sang for all their dads, (all 6 of them) and it was touching! I remember all the times of us doing that! I love you hope that you have had the best day ever!!!
Well this week was a little bit different! But it was also way good! My feelings of being torn kind of hit in and I really feel weird saying that! HA But we did really good at our findings and people just started coming out of the wood work so we were grateful for that!!!
First, we had our zone conference in Bacolod! I was so excited that we were there to spend our P-day, so we shopped around then we had our conference! I loved it! We learned mostly about following the spirit and working with our leaders! So hopefully we can apply it in our area to get it strong before I split!
We got home around 2 on wednesday! So We got on the bus and we were all so tired but the bus lately has been so crowded So we get on and we are sitting then and this lady and her husband get on the bus and it is so full and she has this baby like 4 months old maybe, anyways NO MEN will stand to give her the seat, so I stood! For the whole 4 hours I stood on the bus and it was a blessing in disguise because I was able to talk to the people standing next to me! So I was grateful! It wasnt that horrible! But we got back and just got at it! We had a lot to teach. So we went and prepared our investigator for baptism! We stayed really busy this week just trying to find and play catch up from the days that we missed!
So Finally, My whole mission I have wanted to attend a wedding! Well saturday we got to attend! It was at the church, well they asked me to play the piano so at the last minute I got the Cannon in D and played come thou fount! The judge said it was like he entered heaven haha I just laughed and was lucky my fingers would work! That was in the morning and then in the Afternoon we had the baptism for BeBe -Criestil! It was so fun! The spirit was so strong and since she has been bearing her testimony for the past 2 years she did really good! We took so many pictures for them so that they can remember. Her little sister CJ never got any pictures from her baptism just in decemeber so we changed her clothes and took pictures for her as well! IT was so fun!
I have been having these feelings of struggling a little bit like managing my time, I just feel like there isnt enough time!  So we missed teaching some investigators and we were nervous that they wouldnt come to church because we didnt see them, well after RS I turned the corner and all 3 boys were there! It was a blessing! I was so excited and way happy that they came! If they will continue to strengthen their faith there will be no problems!!!!
But Yes, I am freaking out! I really never thought that it would come this fast! I look at the calandar and I just have mixed feelings! I am way excited to see you! I promise that! Just weird is all! I will kill it these last couple weeks and end with a bang!! I love you all! I am so glad that I am here! I am so glad that I have had the best support in the whole world!! Be good and be safe! Have a great week! That is so funny that Anndee is staying with you! I bet she is having a blast! Maybe she will want to move to Idaho! She can go to rigby high school! :) Another great education haha! JK
Love you!!! 
Love Sister Polatis

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