Tuesday, June 24, 2014

    Hey Family. How is everyone? Man that sounds like some good work building those bins. That´ll be a big change to see when I get back thats for sure. So yea the reason that I am writing today is because today was our temple trip so our pday is today. The temple was amazing as usually. Ha it is a little harder to get there from this new area. I think it takes a little over 2 hours. Ha the metro gets really crazy, especially during the Copa do Mundo. Ha speaking of the World cup, we finally got permission to watch the Brazil game yesterday:) The rules were that we had to watch it in a members home with and investigator. Ha well we couldnt really find an investigator that was able to come with us until we found the niece of one of our recently activated members. So we invited her and she came right along with us to watch the game. Brazil won thank goodness. This country would go on a riot if  Brazil didnt make it past the first round. I think that the states have a pretty good chance too. Everyone asks me about which players I like and stuff but I dont know anyone on the teams ha. I told them that no one in the States really knows about the cup. Ha they get really shocked at that statement. But afterward we had a lesson with the niece and re-committed her to read the BOM. I guess her mom doesnt like the church and wont let her go to church but we´ll see this week.
    Ha we had really sweet miracle happen this week. We were walking down the street when Elder Obi sees this surfboard up on the porch of this house. Elder Obi is a surfer, so he wanted to just see if someone surfed in this house to start the conversation and then of course tell them about the gospel. So we clap at this gate and this really cool guy comes down and starts chatting with us and says that the surfboard is his brother in-law´s surfboard, but then we invite him to hear our message and he accepted really quick. So we get to the top and go into his house and meet his wife (yes we finally met some one that is married) and she is really really awesome. They are probably in their early 30´s and have 2 kids. We taught them the restoration and told them all about the book of mormon and they really liked it a lot. The wife said that she felt really good and just had this really good feeling while we were there. In her prayer she thanked Heavenly Father for sending his servants to her. I love it when people really do realize that we are called of God to serve them. That is definitely key on them trusting us and keeping their committments. We set a date for July 13th with them and they said that they would work towards it. They are really cool with us and like us a lot even though we sometimes dont know what they are saying haha. It was definitely a really cool miracle.
     We set like 10 dates this week ha. I dont know how solid they are but I think a goal is good for everyone. Our recent converts also got the Holy Ghost on Sunday and are doing really well. We are starting up an English Class here now because we have a lot of people that are really interested and really want to learn English. The ward is really great here and it seems like they have a vision and for sure want to be a missionary ward so I´m excited. We are helping this one guy quit smoking who comes to church every week and loves the gospel. A member helped us set up a plan with him and now we check up with him every day so he can work towards his baptismal date. Things are going great though and the mission is awesome. Thanks for taking the time to tell me about all the events at home, I really enjoy that::) I love you all alot! Have a great week.
Love Elder Polatis

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