Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Well this week was great! Very long and I am so tired but it was great! First, I met up with the elders in my batch! All americans and tuesday we flew to manila! WOW, it is so much different than Bacolod and to be honest I missed Bacolod. HAHA so much Tagalog. all of us were like nose-bleeding like crazy-----------nose bleed is when they talk and you dont understand. And we would try to talk to them but they dont understand Ilonggo! So we were all back to speaking english! Medyo weird! But we went to the temple and while we were there I ran into Kaden Robisons Mission President. I asked if Kaden was there but he said no, but he told me he would tell him hi, and now he is a zone leader I guess. But the temple was great! I felt so good and I am so excited to go back!
We made it back to Cauayan and just rocked it with our teachings! We were on the find and it worked. Hopefully we can help them progress and get them on their way to eternal life hahah! Joke. But saturday we had a baptism. YES!!! For christian. He was the one that just randomly came to church. He is 13 years but looks like he is 8. He shared his testimony and was so happy to be baptized. He will be just great! Has the cutest smile.
On Sunday we went to pick up some of our Recent converts the ones we went for didnt come but our investigators who werent really progressing were all ready and they came with us. They were all boys but I didnt care! I was excited that they came. There were 4 of them. Well I told the story of the 4 Sons of mosiah and how they were disobedient at the first but then they changed and became good missionaries. HAHA after church they said that when I said that I looked right at them. Maybe they will all change and it will be for the better. 

I love you all I miss you! I hope you all keep being good and being good! I will see you all soon! We are headed to bacolod again later today! Be good and be safe
Love Sis Polatis

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