Wednesday, June 11, 2014

     Hello Family and Everyone!!! How is everything going. The language is coming right along though. The only thing that really stinks is I like to joke around with people alot and it is still a little bit difficult to get my jokes across in Portuguese. I have been reading a lot about the gift of tongues and being and authorized servant of the Lord so I know if I put in the work and really strive to learn this language that it will come fast and get easier and easier:) 
        So today is transfer calls and the call still hasnt come yet so we are waiting. I think that there is a possibility that I will stay but who knows. This week has been a pretty good. We found 10 new investigators to teach and set like 6 dates with them, but with every good thing comes opposition and that is that we were dropped by the two ladies that came to church. So that was kind of a bummer, but I´m really excited to start helping this new pool of investigators start progressing. We are teaching this couple who are really young but already have twins, I think I already told you about them, but we went and visited them last night and it just looks hard. Whenever one would stop crying the other one would start crying. I felt really bad and told them that we could wash there dishes for them if they wanted:) But they are really interested but of course have the excuse that they are just too busy to get their reading done. So we told them that by our next visit they need to make sure and read what we told them to read. They said that they will for sure this time so we will see. We are also teaching quite a few teenagers, so we are working on getting them to some activities at the church.
      The World Cup starts this week though. Everyone is starting to get all excited. Its actually pretty cool. They are painting Brazilian flags on the roads and putting up banners everywhere. I kind of wanted to buy some paint and paint the US flag on the street but I would probably get killed so probably not. Our studies will now be switched to 4 to 6 at night which are the hours of all the games. I thought that the World cup would kind of hinder things but it actually has made it a little bit easier to find and talk to people because everything is going to shut down ha. Oh yea and you have to pick a team here from the state of Sao Paulo, so I am a corintiano:) Its really funny how worked up everyone gets about how much they like or dont like a team. I´ll have to ask Greg what team he is.
      Yesterday we had a stake conference broad cast with Elder Richard G Scott, Elder M. Russell Ballard, and another authority that I forgot his name. It was really good though. Elder Scott can speak Portuguese so he gave his talk in Portuguese. Ha it was a little bit of a mixture of Spanish and Portuguese though. I asked some of the members if they could understand a lot of it and most of them said more or less ha. I like it a lot though. He gave a talk about prayer and communicating with Heavenly Father which he kind of gave a similiar talk when I was in the MTC in Provo so I got to hear some more counsel with prayer. Elder Ballard talked a lot about sharing the gospel with the technology that we have. It was a really good conference and good to see a big group of Brazilian members.
      Well I will have to inform you next week with what happened at transfers but everything is going good here and I am turning into a Brazilian ha. At lunch I eat so much because I know that I wont eat again until like 9:30. But the people are so nice here and really need the gospel because some people really have some rough situations. Thanks for everything and all of the love and support. Love you all!!!!
Love Elder Polatis

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