Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Grandma is going on the TREK???? What??? My mind is like in shock right now! Is that even possible?? I thought they like push handcarts and what not??? Well good luck to her, and you are right, hopefully she will be alright and return!! Return being the key word!!! 

HAPPY BIRTHDAY ANNDEE!!! I hope that you had a great day! I am so excited to see you and I want to hear all about your summer in Idaho! I bet you just had a blast!!!! I love you!

Ha about the grainerys! It is always a big process. But You know how things go! You start something and then it turns into something bigger than we thought but in the end it will all work out!

Well eventful, sort of! I said last week that I didn't feel like I had enough time in the day, so we just started going out,,,,,like ALL DAY!!! We were able to get in so much teaching this week, I loved it and didn't feel so stressed out because that is what I am supposed to be doing! So score!!

First, So this week, RAINY season has begun and I am not loving it! In the city its not bad, your feet just get dirty but here you are muddy and it has made it hard for our proselyting. The side by the beach is fine it is just sand but the mountain part is hard! We have been doing a lot of "barefeet" it is easier to walk the fields, you dont get stuck!!!:) All the locals do it so we figure that it cant be that bad!

So we had to go to the Lacno family this week! We needed to prepare them for their interviews, BUT since it was raining and it wasnt like a little trickle, it was like a mini typhoon everyday! But we walked all the way then we got to the river--------FLOOD!!!! IT wasnt like super high it was just fast, so we took off our shoes just kind of pulled up our skirts and crossed. HAHA it came to my thighs and i was with 2 members it came to their waists but we all just laughed and prayed that we wouldnt fall! But we got there and it was a huge blessing, all the people that we had planned to teach we all home and willing! So out soaking wet teaching was worth it! That really will be something that I wont forgot! 

Saturday night, we went to teach one of our LA members, he is 17 he comes on/off and his cousin who is our investigator. Well the LA dad isn't a member but he is kind of hard hearted and I was always a little bit nervous feeling around him. Well we finished our lesson and we are just talking while waiting for Sis. M to come back (we were on splits) well he sits down and started  talking to me. He opened up a lot, First he was joking, then he told me the elders used to teach him, but he stopped because he was offended my some hypocritical members. So I kind of just took the soft approach, I just agreed with him and told him but told him "the church is perfect, the members aren't" then I invited him to come to church and he was hesitant!  But I just shared with him just my testimony, he started crying!! He committed to come to church and HE DID!!! He said that what I said (and to be honest--I don't really remember, so it must have been the spirit talking to him) touched his heart! His wife is a member and they are always fighting because she wants him to be a member! But He said he will try harder and he knows it is true, he just needs to get over the pride in his heart and make the commitment! 

I know that the Church is true! That we are all instruments in the Lords hands! And it doesn't matter how tired, or happy or frustrated or anything if we are following the spirit we have the potential to change lives! But we have to be so humble and willing to follow the promptings! I know that the Book of Mormon will change anyone's life if they will read and pray about it! Being a missionary has been the hardest but most rewarding experience of my whole life!! I remember when I was preparing and I wasn't like 100% into it! Like I wasn't sure but now that I am here and have done it, I am molded! I know what Heavenly Father expects me to do everyday of my life! FIND HIS SHEEP and help him! Even though we all have struggles and they are all different IF we rely on the Savior we can overcome anything!!!!

I will see you all next week!!!! What a weird thought/feeling that is!!! I love you all! Be good and be safe!!!!

Love Sister Polatis

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