Tuesday, June 24, 2014

   Boa Tarde todo mundo!!!! Wow, Its already Father´s day tomorrow? That is really fast!! Dad I hope you have a great one and know that I always look up to you and that you are the best dad a guy could ask for!! Have you put the boat on the lake yet? This girl back in Iowa made me a notebook that has a picture of the wake on it, so it reminded me this morning. Oh and also happy Birthday Maddy!!! How was it? Did you finally grow older than 5 years old (ha remember). It´s so great to hear that all is well with everyone and that you all are having a great time.
   So first off I have some big news.. I got transferred last week over to Ribirao Pires into an area where Gregory served!!!!!!!!!!:) Ha pretty incredible right? Its been a long time but I have found a few people that still remember him. The Second Counselor in the ward was less active when Greg was here and he said that Greg helped him out so much and changed his life. Ha its almost a little scary how much he loves Greg. I guess that Greg gave him a tie and he cut it at his wedding (tradition) and now he still has it. He showed it to me yesterday at church and sure enough there is a PO on it and he cut off the Latis. Never thought it would happen but I´m excited. This area is a lot nicer than Diadema. There isnt just houses stacked on each other like it was over there. So my new companion is an American from California. He is black so when I got announced that I was with him I thought for sure he was a Brazilian but sure enough he is American. He also waited for his visa over in Wisconsin for a year, so he only has 1 more transfer than I do here. Ha he is a stud. His name is Elder Obi like Obi one kenobi!!:) We baptized these two young men yesterday which was pretty sweet. I think that we can get a lot of referrals thats for sure. Their familes came too so we will for sure see if they will be interested and take the lessons. Oh yea and another thing, we live with the zone leaders and one of them is Elder Witham again!!!!!! Haha he just can´t leave me. We have a good time and it makes missionary work a lot more fun.
     Sheesh so the World Cup is slowing things down a little bit!! Everytime Brazil plays we have to go inside and take cover haha. You dont really need to watch the game to know what is going on. I already knew what the final score was before any members told us because everytime Brazil scores you can hardly hear anything but screams and fireworks going off every second!!! Ha it´s pretty wild. But there are still a few people who dont even watch the cup so we talk to them:) Yesterday we were teaching at this less actives house and this guy, I think he was like their neighbor or something, he asked me who I was cheering for. Ha and I said jokingly os estados unidos. Ha his reply was simply, I will kill you. Hahaha so I took it back and said of course Brazil. I think that the states play today but sadly the first presidency said that no missionaries in Brazil can watch the world cup, so we can´t watch any games:( Brazil plays again tomorrow against Mexico so we´ll see how that is. Ha I think it is about the same whether they win or whether they lose, everyone goes crazy and gets wasted!! Its all good though, I havent really ran into anybody that was against the missionaries or anything. Most of the people are very very friendly to us. 
     So yea with two Americans again, we have to pay good attention to what people are saying but I really think that my language will improve more because I wont rely on the Brazilian to understand and respond now. We were walking on the street last night and we found a couple just sitting on the sidewalk so we talked to them and they invited us in. They were pretty sweet and accepted the baptismal invites. They don´t really work or anthing right now because of the Cup so we will be able to teach them a lot. We have been talking to a lot of people on the streets and have been finding a few eleitos (elects). Also went one exchanges with elder Frost who is companions with Elder Witham and we went and taught this lady the Restoration. The Spirit was strong and she was in tears when I started to say the first vision.. ha then I kind of forgot forget a part, so I just paused there until Elder Frost secretly handed me the pamphlet to finish it. Hahah it was just a good spiritual pause. You have to let the Spirit teach:)
     Well I love you all and hope everyone has a great start to the summer. The weather is still perfect here so I´m liking it. Man I heard the Heat lost so thats a bummer but oh well. Love you all so much!! Happy Father´s Day again Dad! Love you all!!!!! Have a good week.

Love Elder Polatis

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