Wednesday, May 21, 2014


 I LOVE LOVE LOVED seeing you all on skype! It was good to see everyone and hear how are you all! I hope you had a great mothers day!!

BUT, man what a rough week! HAHA seriously. For the past couple Sundays we were in missionary heaven with our investigators attending sacrament and progressing the way that they were, then we go on Saturday to review the Baptism interview question with our 3 candidates and they arent home. They were living with their grandma but I guess their mom came and took them and now they live far away!!! Heart crusher! I was so excited! Bummer deal. We will try to find them and refer them to the missionaries closer to them! But a lot of our investigators are moving to Manila for work! So we are back to square 1 but we will find more!

So, when I first got here, There is this kid we are teaching.He is 17 and when I got here, he was so excited to listen to us, But then he would never read, pray or come to church. So we kind of backed off of him for a little while. He had a problem with smoking and occassional drinking. But he never would stop. Well a couple weeks ago he came to church, and has been attending ever since. He has come 4 weeks in a row, and always tells us he wants to be baptized. WELL, I am so excited because he has finally gone without smoking and he will be baptized in June!! He used to just come to sacrament but now he comes to all 3!! It has taken him a little while but he is doing it! He is one that I feel like that is the reason I am in Cauayan! He he such a funny kid and his home life is rough! He just needs a little help, someone that can guide him!! This is what he needs!

Nagtalak kami sang sabado liwat, (I think in english it is we climed on saturday again) It is hard to me to form a dang sentence anymore, But we visited Sister Lacno and he family. ALL of them came to church! They all were wearing their white shirts!! It is so fun to see them continue. I really think that they see the blessings that come from the gospel and even though they dont have a lot physically they know they need to support eachother and that Heavenly Father has a plan for them! I just have in my mind of them all serving missions and even though life is rough right now, it can get better! 

Yesterday, Elder Doane wanted to do a musical number in sacrament. So He asked me while i was playing the prelude music if I would accompany him. HAHA but, I didnt have any music. It was "Come thou Fount" I played it Saturday at the baptism  but i guess playing by ear comes in handy sometimes. Everyone said it sounded good so I guess it was a success!

Well I love you all! We are still just here in Cauayan! I have eaten more local food in the past 6 weeks than I have my whole mission. People here can live off like 50 bucks a month just going to the mercado! Sister Montemayor is teaching me how to cook so that I can cook for you! We gotta go to the market later and buy some fish! They all thing it is weird that most of our fish is frozen but we cant help it! We dont have a dagat!  HAHA anyways. All is well! I really cant believe that abby is home! It still shocks me! Keep on going strong! I love you all! Be good huh! Abby, send me some pictures!!! LOVE YOU!!

Love Sis Polatis
In the forest

baptism of Mary Joy

FHE at Isco Group

Lacno Family--it is SOOOOO Hot!

Went on splits with Sister Kiting--rained on!  felt good

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  1. When is Abby's homecoming? Elder O's family wants to come meet her. :) The Love Magnet is dying to see her Romanian missionary sister.