Friday, May 30, 2014

      Hi family!!! Wow!! Haha what an exciting week. No we were missing church so it was a punishment for both of us. That is so great to hear that Abby is getting back into the groove of things. Congrats Sam with Seminary Graduation!! 

Sheesh and I bet that it is starting
to get nice and warm over there. It has been a little bit chilly here and it has 
been raining non stop. Ha everyone is always in shock when they see me because I 
still just wear my short sleeve white shirt while my companion is in his sweater 
and everyone else has their coats on. Ha I am really enjoying the weather 
though. 50 degrees is a lot better than -30 ha.
      Well so I´ll start with some bad news. We did not get to have a conference 
with Elder Anderson on Wednesday:( That was the day that people started rioting 
and everything so it wasnt safe to travel to the center of Sao Paulo. I guess it 
wasnt safe to travel at all because everyone in the mission had to stay in the 
apartment until 6 that night. I guess that the people had started a few buses on 
fire and had blocked off a bunch of roads. Everyone here is really really angry 
about the world cup and how the government is using their money to build 
stadiums. Ha I think Brazil used to like soccer until now. So that really stunk 
missing out on that, because now we are not going to reschedule it. No worries 
though, where I am at it is pretty calm so it hardly effects us.
      So we had this lesson with this young couple that has twin babies and we 
already taught the mom once but this time we had them together. They are only 
like 17 years old so very very young, ha but every time I spoke the guy started 
smiling and cracking up a little bit. Haha so then I would start cracking up 
too. I asked him why he was laughing at me, and he just thinks my accent is 
really funny, but that he could understand everything that I was saying. Ha I´ll 
take that!! As long as I can get the message across and fulfil my purpose than 
I´m good. The key is to not get offended because once you get offended you will 
be scared to talk. So I just laugh about it. And when it came to the baptismal 
invite he accepted and did laugh that time so that was good. The problem is that 
they are not married. That is a huge problem here and makes it very hard to get 
them progressing, because usually they have a lot of excuses of why they cant 
get married. We lost one investigator because she does not like her husband at 
all and would never marry him but cant move out because she has no where to go, 
so she said that she will just continue to read and see if she can make it to 
       Margarida was finally confirmed yesterday!!! Sheesh that was a close one. 
We also had a couple ladies there. One lady was a miracle because we just 
contacted her and gave her a brief lesson of the restoration and invited her to 
church, but this was the sunday before because she is only available on sundays. 
But then we called her on Saturday night and she actually said that she was 
planning on coming!!:) Ha so in the morning we went and walked with her to 
church and I think that she really enjoyed it. Other than that we are trying our 
best to find people and talk to everyone on the streets. The members are a 
little stagnant right now but we will focus on helping them do missionary work. 
But yea everything is going great and I am definitely getting more and more 
comfortable with the language and with  the work here. Thanks for everything and 
have another great week:) Love you all!!
Love Elder Polatis

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