Monday, July 14, 2014

  Yes Brazil was destroyed this week!!!! Along with all the pride of the people. It was pretty funny because we were watching the game against Germany with some members and once Germany was up by 3 everyone just turned on Brazil and started saying how bad the team was haha. It was pretty sad though when Brazil lost 7-1. Germany scored a touchdown!!!:) It was kind of scary that night though. I look really german and everyone thinks that I am from there, so we got a ride home. The cup is over though which is kind of a good thing, it probably wont be as exciting here anymore, but now there will be one less excuse for the people that we talk to. 
     How is everyone doing though?
     This week has been pretty darn slow with the work because of the games, interviews, and rain. It has definitely cooled down quite a bit. Oh and one more thing that slowed down the work was this crazy thing with the sister missionaries serving in our ward. They got emergency transferred because this guy they had been teaching was threatening them and all this crazy stuff. Its a really long story but I guess the sisters were teaching this couple and the girlfriend got an answer that it was true but the boyfriend didnt want anything to do with the church so he didnt like that. So I guess he was beating her and locked her in the house but she escaped and called the sisters who then went and picked her up and brought her to the church. Then I guess Bishop bought her a ticket to go back to Rio, but then this guy figured out that the church had something to do with his girlfriend being gone so he was calling members and threatening them saying that if he doesnt get his girl back then he would do some crazy stuff. So then we went with a member over to Santo Andre to pick up his girl and bring her back. It felt like I was in a movie or something. On the way back the member was telling the girlfriend what to say to the guy and to make sure that she cleared the sisters names so that he wouldnt have anything against the church. Man this lady was crying so hard. It was sad, but she had to go back to this guy wouldnt do anything crazy against the church. There is a lot more to it but that should sum it up. So yea the Sisters are now gone and now it is only us Elders serving in the ward. The goodnews is that we get to pick up all the sisters investigators now!!:) Ha even though none came to church!! We are going to have a really busy week thats for sure.
     The wife and kids of the family that we are teaching finally came back yesterday, so we went and stopped by to see how everything was going. She didnt end up reading to much on her little vacation so as of right now they arent progressing very much, but we´ll get them back progressing this week. We are hoping to have a baptism this Sunday with that teenager who bore her testimony last Sunday but we still aren´t sure. Her date is for the 27th but she could easily be ready for this Sunday. The big problem really is her mom because we can´t really get over there and teach her very often. We are still working with Edvoldo but he is still having a really hard time with smoking so we are going to lay it on the line this week. We also have this ward party thing this Saturday so we are hoping for a lot of non members to be there. Ha I guess all the non members will receive this necklace thing to distinguish them from the members. I thought that was kind of weird but maybe they wont notice. Today we are going to learn how to make some Brazilian food so I can come home and show you how great some of the food is here:) 
      Interviews went really good as well. Well that´s about it for the week. Great things to come thats for sure. Thank you for everything and all of the updates and support. Love youuuuuuu!!
Love Elder Polatis

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